Wed. May 29th, 2024

Strengthening contentment and joy of life with yoga

Yoga is a philosophy of life which, thanks to its holistic nature, has a positive influence on our body, mind and soul. Those who practice yoga regularly find harmony and inner peace and thus more joy and satisfaction in life.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a long-term approach to life millennia-old science or. A way of life from India. Nowadays yoga is often associated only with the physical practice, the so-called asanas, but actually yoga is much more than that.

In addition to physical exercises Meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques to yoga. In addition, it is part of the yoga philosophy to follow certain rules of conduct, such as Non-violence and modesty.

“Yoga” can be translated as “union”, with which the Uniting body, mind and soul meant is. Even though an incredible number of different yoga styles have developed in the meantime, they all have the same goal: the practitioners find physical and mental relaxation and thereby find themselves and develop a healthy awareness of one’s own needs and limits.

Contentment (Santosha) in the yoga philosophy

Santosha is one of the five Niyamas, i.e. one of the five rules of conduct that should be followed by all yogis and yoginis. Santosha” can be translated as “undemandingness” and “contentment”. It is not a matter of renunciation, but of, to recognize the positive in the moment and to focus on what you have.

Many people tend to be permanently preoccupied with future things and convince themselves that they will be happy(er) and satisfied(er) once they have achieved certain goals. However, the joy of the here and now is often lost and the present cannot be enjoyed.

For Santosha there is no need for cause or possession. It is rather a long-term attitude to life, with which one can go through life calm and relaxedand which leaves one open to new possibilities.

Why does yoga make you happy?

Those who practice yoga regularly will notice big differences after just a few weeks. The interplay of challenging physical exercises, energizing breathing techniques, calming meditation and restorative relaxation exercises has a lasting effect on the body and mind and helps to achieve more joy in life in the long run.

Positive effects on the body

A regular yoga practice helps to feel good in one’s body again and to achieve a good body feeling and a Awareness of one’s own needs and limits to develop.

During the asanas the entire Body strengthened and stretched. Tension and blockages are released and the spine becomes more flexible, which makes the whole body more flexible. The posture is straightened and bad postures from everyday life are corrected.

The exercises contribute to Improve coordination skills and external balance.

The circulation is stimulated by the energizing exercises, Stress hormones are reduced and happiness hormones are released. Deep abdominal breathing provides the body, especially the brain, with more oxygen, which, among other things, improves the ability to concentrate increases.

Positive effects on the mind

Our mental state also depends to a large extent on our physical condition. positive and all-embracing effect of yoga on the body ensures a healthier body feeling and therefore more self-confidence and self-assurance.

A yoga session requires a high level of concentration. This allows the mind switch off from everyday life, negative thoughts, worries and fears and concentrate one hundred percent on the here and now. Past and future no longer matter and the carousel of thoughts finally comes to a standstill.

Through this, the practitioners find to Deep relaxation and inner peace. With increased mindfulness, yogis and yoginis can become aware of what is really important and what worries are unnecessary. The also helps with sleep problems.

Effects of yoga on everyday life

Those who are able to focus mindfully on their own body and breath during yoga can also do this in stressful and challenging situations to calm themselves down and get rid to cope better with situations and become less agitated.

Learning to live in the here and now can help you focus on a single task more effectively. Both by this and by an improved sleep behavior patience grows. The inner peace and serenity that comes from regular meditation and relaxation exercises help to better communication skills. Relationships can be simplified and deepened.

The improved body awareness contributes Illnesses, stress-related symptoms and tensions are recognized sooner and can be treated.

All this leads to feeling good all around in one’s body and being mentally fit as well. Making regular exercise and relaxation good mood, The deep abdominal breathing helps us to be more optimistic in our everyday life and helps us to be happy about the small things and to perceive everything more attentively. The here and now can be enjoyed, which improves the considerably increase satisfaction and joy of life.