Wed. May 29th, 2024

Help for the elderly in need – Choose among many options

We are getting older and one in five of those over 80 will need care or help at some point in their lives. A need for care can occur suddenly, for example, due to a stroke or an accident. As a rule, however, the situation arises gradually.

However, the fear of addiction keeps older people from seeking help. Everyone wants to remain independent for as long as possible, and family members strive to be able to properly care for family members in every situation in life.

Everyday life help in the own four walls

Weakness attacks, dizziness and forgetfulness are the daily companions of many old people and the question arises, which support is possible, so that one can remain despite restrictions in its dwelling.

There are a number of everyday aids to help.

On the one hand, there are the services of the statutory care insurance, there is social assistance for those in need of care and facilities or home care services that can be used.

A home emergency call can ensure that help comes in time, for example, if one falls. The resident always wears the emergency button on his body. In an emergency, press it to call the emergency call center.

Professional help and care by a specialist

In some cases it is nevertheless useful to engage professional caregivers. It is possible to determine exactly the times when the nursing service is present.

Even if no other trusted person can help, a trained, reliable caregiver is useful. The less one knows the person, the more difficult it is to assess what he or she can be trusted with.

Nursing services bill according to service complexes. This includes all the activities that are part of morning and evening personal hygiene, for example. Caring relatives can still make everyday life easier for the person in need.

You can make sure the walk to the bathroom is short and without obstacles, or you can make sure your clothes are practical. You can prepare meals or commission an institution to deliver them to you.

Seek help in time

Many older people have a great fear of developing dementia. However, forgetfulness can have many causes. Often it is the side effects of medication, depression or a poor diet.

You can’t protect yourself from dementia, but you can improve the condition for many years to come. At the German Alzheimer Society you can get advice and support.