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Herbal sexual enhancers

No one likes to talk about it and until today erectile dysfunction is still considered a taboo subject by many people, although the problem is widespread.

It is estimated that in Germany alone about 8 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Especially with increasing age, the number of men with potency problems also increases.

In most cases the partnership also suffers from this. However, there is not always a organic cause for the dysfunction. With some men the potency disturbance is also psychosomatically conditioned.

Herbal sexual enhancers are mostly available as tablets or drops without prescription. If man takes medications at the same time, he should talk to the doctor before taking a herbal potency supplement.

What are the possible causes of erectile dysfunction??

In a large part of erectile dysfunction physical causes are the reason. Often the blood flow to the penis is disturbed, for example due to a arteriosclerosis, or the muscles are diseased.

Diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes, increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Also Overweight, tobacco and alcohol consumption, to little exercise or a Unbalanced diet can promote a potency disorder.

Other causes that can be potency disturbing are, for example, side effects of medications or testosterone deficiency. Likewise, herniated discs, or Operations on the spinal cord and pelvic area, negatively affect potency.

As described by the magazine for men’s health, – mainly in younger men – also of the further psychological problem lead to potency disorders. The triggers are usually conflicts in the close environment such as fears, stress or pressure to perform.

Are herbal potency remedies an effective alternative?

For a long time, men affected by erectile dysfunction took chemical sexual enhancers, because they promised a quick effect.

However, chemical potency-enhancing drugs can cause side effects such as nausea, headaches or permanent erection. Therefore, many men increasingly resort to natural and herbal sexual enhancers back.

In the meantime, there are some medicines that have a natural potency-increasing effect and support. One of them is the natural and over-the-counter product EMASEX-A vitex.

It is based on the effect of Monk’s pepper extracts and is supposed to increase the desire feeling naturally.

Natural sexual enhancers are considered to be harmless, but the effect usually takes longer than with chemical products such as Viagra.

However, regular use of a natural sexual enhancer can lead to an increase in erectile dysfunction after just a few weeks significant improvement adjust.

Herbal sexual enhancers – Which can help increase potency?

saffron, a highly potent healing agent
Saffron not only gives dishes a highly refined flavor, the most expensive spice in the world is also considered a natural sexual enhancer and medicinal plant. Saffron grows mainly in the Mediterranean region and in Iran, it belongs to the crocus family. Saffron is said to positive effect on libido affect both men and women.

When taking sexual enhancers, no matter what kind, the cause of the disorder should always be taken into account. By the way, saffron also helps with inflammation and is said to have a depression-relieving effect.

Fertility-enhancing plant extracts and medicinal plants

The main advantage of plant-based sexual enhancers is that they have few side effects. Which plant extracts can have a particularly beneficial effect on male fertility?

Monk’s pepper
Natural sexual enhancers are considered to be particularly effective with Monk’s pepper, as for example the product EMASEX-A vitex. The demand of men for preparations with monk’s pepper increases, because the natural medicine is to increase the potency in a careful way. Monk’s pepper extracts are also used in the treatment of menstrual problems in women.

Some women take medicines with monk’s pepper, for example, if they wish to have children and at the beginning of menopause, the extract is also considered to be helpful and symptom-relieving.

The Gingko tree originates from China, but is now found worldwide. It is considered one of the oldest tree species and has been used as a medicinal plant for a long time. Gingkoextrakt is used among other things Concentration disorders and headaches applied. But the medicinal plant is also used for erectile dysfunction.

The seeds and leaves of the plant contribute to the improvement of the Arterial blood flow at. This also enables a more intense erection. Gingko also has a calming effect and reduces stress. In the USA, ginkgo preparations have long been regarded as a miracle weapon for potency disorders.

The medicinal plant is native to Central and South America. As a gentle marijuana alternative, it has long been known and already the Indians knew about the effect of the plant. They used damiana as a natural, aphrodisiac agent. Aphrodisiacs have a stimulating effect and increase sexual desire.

The medicinal plant contains terpenes, which also have a beneficial effect on blood circulation. The plant extract is also used in the treatment of migraine and fatigue. It is also said to have a mood-lifting and relaxing effect.

Ginseng originates from Korea; in China, the medicinal plant has been used as a natural remedy for over 2000 years. Ginseng is considered highly effective on many levels, including strengthening the immune system and having a circulation-promoting effect. In addition, it is also used for fatigue and fatigue states.

Korean ginseng can lead to an increase in nitrogen production in the blood. This can contribute to the improvement of erection in men, according to a study, the improvement occurred already after 8 weeks of regular use.