Wed. May 29th, 2024

Energy medicine to boost natural energy

This alternative medicine is based on the fact that the body is capable of getting rid of any health problem by itself and renewing its internal energy. It should be noted that an energy therapy is complementary to basic care and can in no way replace a medical procedure.

It accompanies athletes

The French today who are stressed, in physical or emotional suffering are turning more and more to alternative medicines to soothe their ailments. The same is true for athletes who are subjected to a lot of pressure, competitions, training sessions, etc. They must maintain an optimum physical and mental condition in order to achieve their goals. Some therapists use the Pandora star lamp, it is neuro-stimulating and is composed of luminescent diodes.

It leads to inner relaxation. Energy therapists sometimes stay with a sportsman or woman throughout his or her competition to help them with physical and emotional preparation and to boost their mental health.

Letting go

The success of an energy therapy depends on the therapist’s ability to connect to the energy and the client’s ability to let go of the energy. The act is based on forgetting oneself and the mind. The energetic treatment allows to unblock the blockages and to make the energy circulate in a homogeneous way in all the body. It can be suitable for children, adults and even animals can be receptive to it, for seniors, for athletes.

The therapist’s hands usually remain at a distance from the patient. It is very rarely brought to touch, to touch the person. The treatment lasts approximately one hour. The benefits are numerous, soothing, relaxing, vitality, release of blockages.

The patient who is looking for well-being goes to the energy therapist. Sportsmen consider it to boost their mental and physical performance.