Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

How massage invigorates your health and your body ?

In an era where speed and profitability are at the heart of everything, the notion of caring for the body and mind is increasingly gaining a place of choice in today’s mentality. Stress, pain, illness, the link between well-being and physical health is no longer in question. If several disciplines are born from this observation, some are coming back in force.

This is the case of massage, once forgotten, reserved for athletes or only for women. Today, massage is becoming more and more popular and more studies are proving its numerous health benefits.

What are the benefits of massage for the body ?

After becoming a simple moment of well-being given to oneself, massage is increasingly invigorating for the body and health. Beneficial for sleep, psychological state or even pain, massage could prevent certain diseases by strengthening the immune system.

Several institutes now offer massages for everyone and everywhere. Women’s massage in a spa or men’s massage in Paris, there is no shortage of choices to satisfy a growing demand.

What are the benefits of massage for the body?

Here is a list of the top 5 benefits of a massage on the body.

Reduction of stress and tension

Massage is an excellent way to reduce stress and accumulated tension by the body over the course of the day.

Through massage, the skin’s receptors are stimulated and their electrical discharges create a production of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These so-called “well-being” hormones soothe the body through a well-known anxiolytic effect.

In the same way, massage reduces the production of oxytocin, the stress hormone responsible for tension and anxiety. If stress is harmful to the mind, it is also harmful to the body. It increases the heart rate and puts the entire body on alert, a situation that, if repeated too often, can lead to damage to the body.

The reduction of stress allows for increased concentration and a better quality of sleep.

Relief of certain pains

The massage can relieve some pain, without completely removing them. L’action of massage on pain is mainly due to two factors: a mechanical effect and a hormonal effect.

As mentioned above, massage releases the production of anxiolytic hormones. These are the same hormones that are able to short-circuit pain signals and limit their arrival in the brain. If the pain is there, it is simply not felt anymore.

In the same way, the mechanical action on the muscle contributes to soften and relax it, relieving muscular pains such as backache, shoulder pain or leg pain.

Improvement of blood circulation

During a massage, the blood stimulation is reinforced by the repetition of targeted actions. The massage causes the dilation of the arteries, which allows the blood circulation to intensify and gain fluidity.

Improved blood circulation not only avoids the feeling of heavy legs and swelling, but also allows for better oxygenation of the body and a better general condition.

Improvement of the blood circulation

Strengthening of the immune system

Just as massage allows you toimprove blood circulation, It also has an action on the lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic circulation is where our immune system depends and where some of our white blood cells are found.

For this reason, massage has a direct impact on the immune system of the person . Similarly, several studies have found an increase in the amount of white blood cells in the blood and a better response of the body to viral infections.

Improving sleep

The repeated mechanical action of the massage allows tocalming the parasympathetic nervous system. This leads to a slowing down of the heartbeat, breathing and muscular relaxation. All these phenomena are important steps that the body has to follow to get to sleep.

Reducing stress also has an impact on falling asleep. In most cases of non-medical insomnia, it is psychological disorders, tensions and repeated thoughts generated by stress that are the cause of sleep disorders.

By acting on stress in an effective and prolonged way, massage helps you fall asleep.