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Recognize and use medicinal plants

Stay healthy with medicinal plants and dive into the world of medicinal herbs, teas and ointments.

How to make a calendula ointment? What is the effect of chamomile tea? Which home remedy helps with sore throat? What medicinal herbs can I grow in the herb garden?

All about medicinal plants

In this standard work, phytotherapy expert Ursel Bühring answers all these questions. It provides the basic knowledge about active ingredients and application of medicinal herbs and presents more than 70 medicinal plants in portraits.

A chapter shows which medicinal herbs can be used for which disease. Numerous recipes and a collection calendar make the book an indispensable companion.

This book is a classic among medicinal plant books. Ursel Bühring, widely known medicinal plant expert, portrays medicinal herbs and their effect on health in particular detail.

She impressively explains the history and botany of medicinal plants, their spectrum of action as well as the official medical application.

In each portrait you will find several recipes from phytotherapy for different indications. Teas, ointments and oils, tinctures, baths and compresses – get to know the most diverse applications.

In the extensive chapter on common diseases and ailments you will find a wealth of advice, home remedies and many other medicinal plant recipes.

Everything about medicinal plants. Recognize, use and stay healthy.

3., updated edition 2014.
368 S., 208 color photos, 71 color drawings., give.
ISBN 978-3-8001-8384-5. € 29,90.
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About the author:
Ursel Bühring is a non-medical practitioner specializing in phytotherapy, a nurse, and a nature and environmental educator. She is the founder of the Freiburg School of Medicinal Plants and a much sought-after author and lecturer on phytotherapy.