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Morassina herbal tea from the Thuringian herb garden

A variety of medicinal herbs are components of Morassina herbal tea. Nobody knows today exactly to be able to say, from when and where one produced remedies in the Thuringian forest. Certainly, in ancient times, there were people close to nature who were able to alleviate or cure certain ailments with their “little remedies” and their knowledge inherited from their ancestors.

According to tradition, lumbermen, cattle herders and miners were the first medicine men, pharmacists and “doctors”, also in the part of the Thuringian Forest, which was once known as Olitätenland and is now called the Thuringian Herb Garden. This is also true for the area around Schmiedefeld, as mining, forestry and lumbering are recorded as the first sources of income for the people who settled here.

It is known from the miners of Schmiedefeld that they reached a high age only very rarely. The heavy, strenuous work underground and the air saturated with lung-eating components in the smelting and boiling works, the general poverty and hardship of the people, but also the fear for the preservation of health, contributed to a large extent to the fact that the development of the laboratory and olives trade in Schmiedefeld took on very special forms.

The conditions were extremely favorable due to the availability of alum, sulfur, special herbs, the distilled “waters” of grain and juniper, and the knowledge of how to use these components. But probably long before the trade in olives really began, one used a “brew” or a “decoction” of herbs and plants, we would say today, a herbal tea that is dubbed at that time for the treatment of colds as helpful or useful.

For quite some time (2004), we have been considering how and in what form the original mixture could be brought back into the conversation in a contemporary and health-promoting way. We have consulted botanists and pharmacists, we have discussed with herbal experts, research and comparisons have been made, a manufacturing company has been found and we will know how to protect our product.

For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that especially the bearers of the name UNGER made their living in Schmiedefeld as miners, charcoal burners, laboratory assistants, and traders in olives. Presumably because of the mining they have migrated from Transylvania over Hungary and the Ore Mountains, still before 1300 in our area.

JOHANN GOTTREICH UNGER born. 12.11.1745; gest. 7.9.1800, is the first UNGER, who embodied laboratory worker, herbalist and “hustler” (olitic trader) in his own person. The composition of the “brew” has also been handed down from him.

Ingredients of Morassina herbal tea

Blackberry leaves, heather, raspberry leaves, Iceland moss, St. John’s wort, chamomile, mullein flower, peppermint and thyme.

Information about the components of Morassina herbal tea

– Blackberry – and raspberry leaves strengthen the body’s defenses in times of colds because of their content of tannins, organic acids, flavanoids, vitamin C, as well as traces of an essential oil.

– Heather contains many tannins – and minerals.

Icelandic moss has a soothing effect on inflamed mucous membranes in the mouth and throat due to its mucilage. A stimulating effect on the immune system was recognized earlier.

– St. John’s wort has a lot of essential oil, resins and tannins. It has a calming effect on the nerves and relieves lung suffering.

Camomile, the most important ingredient is the essential oil. Flavanoids and curamines are other important constituents of the plant, but it is the interaction of all the ingredients that gives the well-known “chamomile effect”.

– mullein, analyzing the components or. their health effective assignment has needed a long period of time. Contrary to all other proclamations, the Schmiedefeld lumbermen and miners used a pure mullein flower tea at the beginning of a flu or catarrh.

– Peppermint, in Schmiedefeld use the peppermint served because of its menthol content as a refining agent with regard to smell and taste.

– Thyme, the main active ingredient of thyme is thymol, which is why the plant has an antispasmodic, disinfectant effect.

The Morassina herbal tea can be purchased on the spot or you can ask for it by e-mail. Price: 50 g of tea cost € 3.95.