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Streptococci belong to the family of bacteria. To humans they often become dangerous in the form of different pathogens. They cause various clinical pictures, whereby the bacteria predominantly lay down on the mucous membranes and settle there.

If a person is infected with streptococci, this is also called droplet infection, because they are usually transmitted by touch or through the mucous membranes. The excretions of the bacteria spread involuntarily in the organism, secondary diseases and serious courses of disease develop.

Types of streptococci

The Latin term of streptococci can be translated with the words “causing pus”. The excretions of the bacteria can enter the body through the mucous membranes of the mouth and cause scarlet fever, tonsillitis and other throat infections.

Although such diseases can be well warded off by our immune system if the defenses are intact, the reaction to streptococci on the part of the immune system is different and highly problematic. The bacteria and our defense mechanisms trigger so-called cross reactions in the organism, which eventually leads to inflammation of the skin or joints. Even the heart muscles can be affected.

Possible diseases due to streptococci

– sinusitis,
– Inflammation of the heart muscle,
– Middle ear infections,
– meningitis,
– Corneal inflammations in the eye,
– Lung diseases

Diseases caused by streptococci are to be taken seriously in any case and treated by a doctor.

Streptococci can cause caries

However, there is no reason to panic, because almost everyone comes into contact with streptococci in his or her life. Among other things, they also cause tooth decay, because the excretions of the bacteria contain acid and attack the tooth enamel. Inflammations that reach deep into the root of the tooth and inflammations of the gums are the consequences.

Streptococci during pregnancy

An infection of the dangerous bacteria can lead to complications especially during pregnancy. The bacteria can easily enter the fetus through the umbilical cord and infect the embryo. From this, deformities develop and can even cause death. An infection with streptococci should therefore be avoided at all costs.

How to protect yourself from strep throat?

The best protection against the dangerous bacteria is an intact immune system. Here, of course, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy, balanced diet are assumed. The fact is that only a weakened immune system is defenseless against these bacteria. If this works properly, the person remains healthy even if others have been infected with it.

However, excessive everyday hygiene is not necessary, because humans need certain bacteria to build up their immune system. Nevertheless, one should not touch uncleaned surfaces, especially in public, with the hands. Public toilets, streetcars, but also your own smartphone are full of disease-causing germs. The best prevention for infection is therefore always thorough hand washing.

With open wounds one should pay attention to a good disinfection and also children should be shown regularly how to handle water and soap.

How to recognize an infection?

There are numerous possible symptoms that can indicate a streptococcal infection. The most common symptoms are fever, fatigue and other flu-like symptoms. Earache, chills, nausea and a general feeling of weakness can also occur. One should become especially alert in case of swelling, cardiac arrhythmia or redness and severe headache and fever.