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Experience and relax yoga in Bavaria

Experience Bavaria anew by a Yoga vacation in most beautiful nature. Yoga, everywhere in the world this relaxation technique is known and becomes more and more popular.

For centuries yoga has been firmly rooted in Indian culture. Through trade routes, important people brought this relaxation and meditation technique to the West and finally in the 19. In the 19th century the first yoga schools opened also in Germany.

Since then, especially this kind of relaxation enjoys a popularity with ever wider circles. Be it the „normal“ Yoga, Raja Yoga or the breathing exercises.

Yoga is used by more and more people, especially in these hectic and stressful times. Often there is a lack of time for regular and daily exercises and so many decide for a yoga vacation in a special area.

Why Bavaria?

In this state, in addition to industrial and cultural sections, there are large areas of pure and unspoiled nature. Forests, wide meadows and alpine pastures, the mountains and lakes make Bavaria a very special part of Germany.

Tourists often find here the tranquility that they are always looking for and that the body needs to switch off and recharge its batteries.

A stay in the valley surrounded by mountain panoramas in fascination, what the earth has given as a gift. On the mountain the wide view over the valleys and lakes with the special peace and pure air, brings the pleasant relaxation from the hectic everyday life.

Especially here in Bavaria yoga students experience a very special kind of pure relaxation. The hearty fare of Bavarian cuisine and the country life with the ringing of cow bells has its own fascination at any time of the year.

Special Yoga Offers in Bavaria


Whether it is a weekend or a longer yoga vacation, the intensity of the relaxation has a long lasting effect. In the Bavarian Pfaffenwinkel people are invited to experience the special yoga experience in the old town of Schongau.

Whether you are a beginner, newcomer or returning to yoga, advanced or simply interested in trying it out, everyone is welcome here.

Different yoga styles of asana practices, such as Hatha, Yin and others, excursions with fascinating views of the Alps and the special food, reflection on the past year and daily experience of the philosophy of yoga, as well as vegetarian-vegan cuisine (who wants), give this house a very special charm.

Special Yoga Retreats in Bavaria

Elmau Castle

Schloss Elmau offers a highlight of yoga courses for beginners, advanced and experts. Here, already learned practices can be deepened or new ones can be introduced in the Basic Yoga & Open course to experience the introduction to the world of yoga.

Elmau offers a particularly fascinating backdrop. This unique place at the foot of the Upper Bavarian Wetterstein mountains (district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen) at an altitude of 1008 m with a lake right next to the hotel, the vast nature and the unique mountain panorama, exerts a fascination on body and mind.

The group offers are included in the package, who would like to deepen his learned yoga techniques in the single lessons, pays here a small surcharge.

House InnHöhe in Wasserburg

In the „Haus InnHöhe“ in Wasserburg the learned yoga can be intensively deepened. The philosophy of yoga, history, culture and also Ayurveda treatments are mixed with the diverse daily yoga offerings such as Tantra, Japa Yoga and others.

The special garden sauna with herbal hayloft, the natural pool with sunbathing jetty or the sweat oven are only examples of the wide range of services offered by this house.

Wasserburg is located directly at the river Inn and those who want to explore nature after the yoga exercises can deepen the learned breathing exercises in extensive walks and hikes.

Wörishofen in the Allgäu

Wörishofen in the Allgäu has specialized in Kundalini Yoga, wellness and meditation. Whether it’s a yoga session in the great outdoors, facial or body massages, vigorous vegetarian meals, Wörishofen has a lot to offer.

Between or after the courses explore the Allgäu, thereby experience the silence and fascinating nature and absorb it deeply: Pause from the hectic everyday life is the motto of this house.

5 days wellness vacation for the soul on one of the most beautiful places on earth to experience to start anew with new energy and changed life attitude.

Vachendorf in the Chiemgau

Vachendorf in Chiemgau offers 3 days of intensive yoga vacation (especially for beginners) with time out from everyday life. Experiencing yoga with sensitive teachers in the Sivnanda Vinyasa or Ashtanga style lets the everyday life become negligible.

The special magic here lies, for example, in the Christmas season, which for everyone is usually experienced more hectic than sensual. Cozy togetherness, a trip to the mountains, relaxing and simply letting the soul dangle“ is the motto.

Especially in the Chiemgau with fascinating forests, moorland, meadows, lakes and the famous Chiemsee at the foot of the Alps fills the soul, the energy can be refilled and life can be experienced to the fullest.


In addition to the accommodation mentioned, there are many more houses in Bavaria that have embraced yoga culture and experience it together with interested people. Thanks to the wide spectrum of yoga philosophy, there is a suitable offer for everyone.

Curious about a yoga vacation in Bavaria? Here you can find concrete tests and offers for yoga vacation in Bavaria. Be surprised by the variety of retreats and resorts in Bavaria.