Wed. May 29th, 2024

Help for tension and neck pain

They are social ailments of our time, neck tension and back pain. Very few people get to the bottom of the pain, but accept it and learn to live with the tension.

However, this is the wrong approach, because pain should be eliminated, it simply increases the comfort of life and general well-being.

Tension and back pain, what helps?

In many cases, the only thing that helps is a painkiller, which in turn affects the stomach. But it does not always have to be the chemical club.

Back pain and tension can be treated by specific therapy, for example with massages, but also the right bed base often works wonders.

The wrong lying position often causes the tension in the first place.

The physiotherapist helps in the short term, but the bed is used every night

The physiotherapist treats the discomfort through targeted hand movements and massages, this treatment method usually leads quickly to painlessness, but is it also the right treatment in the long term?

The most important thing is healthy sleep, because if you get up in the morning tired and tired, you will not be able to achieve your daily performance.

But who can sleep when the whole night the back hurts or the neck is tense. Man spends most of his life asleep and therefore also in bed, not for nothing it is said: „As one beds, so one lies“.

Mattress and slatted frame should be specially adapted to the problems and pains of the individual. Above all an ergonomically formed slatted frame, possibly with motor function could be approximately the solution.

The motor-driven slatted frame for the ideal sleep setting

The slatted frame and mattress should be coordinated so that they adapt to the body and do not bend the spine.

The mattress not too soft, but also not too hard and for side sleepers is an additional pillow in the waist in front advantage, so that the spine remains straight aligned.

If the slatted frame is motorized, this can be additionally adjusted to the body and the best sleeping position. Namely, it is very helpful to put the legs up high.

This elevated position can be adjusted by the motorized slatted frame without any major problems with a hand control or remote control.

This stepped bed positioning, as it is called by doctors and scientists, not only relieves pain, it also expands intervertebral holes.

Besides the right bed base, the right office furniture and gymnastics also help

In addition to the bed settings, office gymnastics is also very important. Above all, however, attention should be paid to ergonomically shaped furniture.

The office chair should be height adjustable and equipped with backrest as well as armrest. The distance to the PC screen also plays a major role, this should not be less than 60 centimeters.

Of course, one should then also sit healthily, that the knees are bent at right angles and the pressure load on the spine is kept to a minimum.

Doing your own office exercises also helps to solve the problem. If you take these combinations into account, you will soon be relieved of tension and pain in the long run.