Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Multi Complete – small vitamin bomb for the general well-being

Our organism suffers agonies especially in case of strong stresses, worries and problems. In such times it is of great importance to supply the organism with many vitamins and minerals. With Multi Complete, the body is given a small vitamin bomb that contains over 70 natural vital substances. This allows the organism to work better and in a more targeted manner, ensuring the healthy functioning of numerous functions.

Multi Complete – small vitamin bomb for daily life

Especially vitamins B, C, D and E as well as beta-carotene are of great importance for the human body. Multi Complete contains all these valuable vitamins and also combines important amino acids, trace elements such as manganese or selenium as well as secondary plant substances, which strengthen the product in its effect.

Thanks to the addition of spirulina and chorella, the capsules provide a real boost of vitamins to support the body in its daily work. In addition to magnesium for the muscles, zinc for the immune system and vitamin C for the immune defense, there are also vitamins D and E, which positively support the body and provide it with energy.

Vitamin B5 regenerates the nerves and relieves everyday stress, manganese supports the energy metabolism, L-carnitine creates more performance and is considered a giant among the energy vitamins.

Multi Complete as a complete fruit and vegetable program

All in all, one capsule of Multi Complete contains a small vitamin bomb that supplies the body as quickly as possible with everything that is necessary for the everyday work of the organism so that it can act healthily. This gives the person more vigor, new energy, better vitality and an increased ability to concentrate.

Thanks to the many beneficial substances, such as the goodness of grapefruit, the power of blackcurrant, the power of lemon, the essentiality of rose root and the value of horseradish, the effect is rounded off and idealized. The body receives a real energy boost, can gather new strength, improve the defense and build a protective shield against bacteria and viruses.

In addition to the multi-complete capsule variant, the green tea formula is also indispensable. Catechine, which has always been known for its calming effect, acts as a real highlight. It supports actively the well-being and increases beside the energy, also the fat dismantling, which in several studies already demonstrably was confirmed. As an all-round package, Multi Complete is a must for every household to gather strength, replenish reserves and strengthen the immune system.

The recommended consumption is one capsule a day with sufficient liquid.