Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Vitori crystal mat: test and experience

The products of VITORI are totally trendy in the health scene. More and more health conscious people are adopting a Vitori crystal mat. In today’s test we check for you: Is the hype around VITORI justified?

What is the VITORI crystal mat??

If you are not yet familiar with the VITORI crystal mat, first a brief summary of what it is all about. The innovative health product combines the most effective therapeutic methods based on nature:

    (role model: fresh fruits and vegetables),¹
  • Negative ions (model: sea, forest and mountain air),²
  • Deep heat (model: the sun),³
  • Pulsating magnetic field (model: the earth).⁴

In addition, 7 different types of healing stones have been incorporated into the VITORI. These are adapted to the vibration of the chakras and are supposed to strengthen and harmonize them.

What are the benefits of these healing forms?

deep heat

It can permanently increase the body temperature. The incorporated gemstones allow infrared heat to penetrate deep into the tissue, creating a long-lasting heat depot. This can result in the following health benefits:⁵

  • elimination of heavy metals,
  • strengthening of the immune system,
  • Combats pathogens,
  • pain relief,
  • Muscle relaxation.


They can improve cell communication and restore cell order.
This can do the following:⁶

  • the body resistance against pathogens can be increased,
  • increase the energy level,
  • Stress can be reduced,
  • allergy symptoms can be reduced,
  • The healing processes of the body can be accelerated.

Negative ions

This is a source of energy for the body. They can support cell functions and detoxification of cells. This can cause the following in the body:⁷

  • mood enhancement (can even be used against depression),
  • sleep can improve,
  • increase of concentration,
  • can increase athletic performance,
  • can act against microbes,
  • Increased consciousness (alpha brain waves can be stimulated),
  • can improve the function of the brain.

Pulsating magnetic field

The effect includes the strengthening of the magnetic field between the cell membranes. This can positively influence health in many ways:⁸

  • improved energy production of the cells,
  • Increasing the absorption of energy by body cells,
  • Vitalization,
  • the oxygen supply can improve,
  • the absorption of nutrients by cells can be optimized,
  • acceleration of the metabolism,
  • regeneration of the body (z.B. after exertion or sports) can proceed more quickly,
  • less need for sleep,
  • more calmness in everyday life,
  • can work against tensions,
  • can improve blood circulation,
  • can accelerate healing processes,
  • can loosen agglutinated blood cells,
  • can be helpful in reducing pain.

The VITORI crystal mat in the test

We have been using the VITORI crystal mat every day for 12 weeks now and have therefore been able to form a well-founded opinion about its effect. Upon unpacking, we were surprised at how large and high quality the crystal bed is. We could hardly wait to lie sample.


When we started using the crystal mat, the first thing we noticed was that we all detoxified.

This manifested itself in a dry mouth, increased thirst, coated tongue and, in the first two days, more intense sweaty odors.

After 2 weeks our bodies had purified and we felt really fit and vital.

Increased body temperature

We noticed that we were much warmer inside, even when we were not lying on the mat.

Especially my wife, Maren was constantly cold and her hands and feet were basically hypothermic. She could not sleep without a hot water bottle and the window in the bedroom could not be open at night.

After only a short time of regular use, she no longer needs a hot water bottle and we now only sleep with the window open.


The first time we tried it out, we had a pleasant, deeply relaxed feeling, which I only know from the Thai massage on the beach during my vacation.

Maren works in nursing and I work at my desk. We have both been struggling with tension for years. When my wife has a particularly stressful day, she often suffers from headaches and at times even migraines.

Regular use of the mat has helped us in this case as well. In everyday life we are much more relaxed, the tension is completely gone and my wife has neither migraine nor headache. Fantastic!

Maren’s work-related joint pain also dissolved into thin air within the first 6 weeks.


In terms of sleep quality, the use of the VITORI mat has also improved a lot.

Maren always had trouble sleeping through the night and I had trouble falling asleep. Both problems have been solved by sleeping on the mat. The night’s sleep is also more restful and we are fit as a fiddle in the morning. Maren has to get up at 5 a.m. and she has never found it so easy.

Experiences of our children

We have two children. Elias (12) and Emily (8). Both of them fell in love with the crystal mat. They even “squabble” over who gets to lie on it. Fortunately, it is big enough that they now lie on it together more often.

We could see that Elias’ house dust allergy improved after a short time.

Stronger immune system

Especially in the cold season we all had regular problems with infections, sore throats, colds and runny noses. The mat has also shown its effect here.

What particularly impressed us was that Elias was unwell one evening. He has had stomach aches, headaches, coughs and chills. He used the crystal mat all evening and also slept on it. The next morning he was healthy again. Great!

Better mood

Since we started using the crystal bed our whole family life has become more harmonious. We parents notice that we are simply in a better mood and our children are much more sociable.


After 2 months we thought that we had felt all the benefits of the crystal mat. But there was something else. I have had problems with a distended stomach, bloating and constipation for as long as I can remember. It turned out that I could go to the toilet every day. Bloated belly and flatulence had dissipated.

The conclusion

The purchase was definitely worth it for us. We are very happy with the Premium Crystal Mat and wouldn’t give it away for any money in the world. Our well-being has clearly improved on all levels. We can recommend the mat in any case.

The only criticism is that the mat is very large and weighs 12kg. This is because real healing stones have been processed. Therefore it has a firm place with us. The crystal mat can also be folded up and stored under the bed or in the closet, for example.