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Delicious medicinal wines and elixirs

Medicinal wines, herbal wines and elixirs are rarely used in modern medicine today. If you try them once, you will quickly realize that they are ingenious recommendable natural remedies.

But keep in mind that there are limits to self-treatment. However, a complementary treatment agreed with the doctor can do much good

Medicinal wines and potions according to recipes of Hildegard of Bingen

Healing wines and potions according to recipes of Hildegard von Bingen are usually cooked quickly. The recipes are based on medicinal plants that Hildegard already recognized as effective, from galangal to cranberry, from bertram to cedar.

Elisabeth Engler has tested the herbal potions and wines, partly adapted them to the present time and compiled in this book a comprehensive collection of more than 70 effective recipes for herbal wines and elixirs of various origins.

The listed recipes are recommended because of their pleasing effectiveness as well as because of their – usually – quite simple and quick producibility. The author has limited herself to these and omitted the very elaborate recipes.

An exception are the – purely for historical reasons – printed recipes from poisonous plants, which are not recommended for imitation.

Price-wise – with a few exceptions – herbal wines are competitive. Simple, nevertheless well usable organic wines one receives today even with the Discounter and naturally also in the bio market.

Healing spice powders, which form a basis of Hildegard medicine, expand the possibilities of use for strengthening and maintaining health. A medicinal plant ABC explains the most important of the herbs and spices used. Tips on preservation and bottling round out the book.

Elisabeth Engler
Medicinal wines and herbal potions according to Hildegard von Bingen
Language: German
Cover: gatefold brochure
Format: 17 x 22 cm
Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-3-99025-420-2

About the author

Elisabeth Engler is a native of Munich with roots in her beautiful Bavarian homeland. Since her childhood, the busy book author, editor, herbalist and aroma consultant has been exploring, observing and learning about nature and its gifts and is always fascinated anew by their possibilities.

Beside the welfare methods of herbs and wild plants, old and modern house means it deals also in detail with nature cosmetics from plants and blooms and Genussvollem from forest and meadow. Additionally she blogs under together with the herbalist Sonja Bart.

In several Facebook groups (herb and ointment DIY, zero waste and sustainability DIY, natural cosmetics and soaps DIY) she exchanges with numerous herb enthusiasts and advocates the uncomplicated but conscious approach to nature and sustainability.