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Pomegranate can help with prostate complaints – Prostaphytol in the test

The prostate is an internal sex organ located between the urinary bladder and the pelvic floor. On average, the small prostate gland weighs no more than 25 g and has the volume of a chestnut.

The tasks of propolis

The main function of the prostate is the production of secretions. In addition, it is involved in sperm formation, ejaculation and the metabolism of hormones.

In the prostate the sex hormone testosterone is transformed into dihydrotestosterone. The prostate works in the background and performs important tasks with a high degree of reliability. But what if the prostate gland causes problems?

Many men suffer from persistent prostate complaints with increasing age. Statistically, it already affects more than 50% of men with an age of 50 years or more.

Pain when urinating, frequent urge to urinate and a permanent feeling of residual urine affect the quality of life and psychological symptoms torment those affected additionally.

Many relationships and marriages unfortunately under it. Few men want to broach the sensitive subject. However, there is hope.

The power of the pomegranate

The pomegranate is a real all-purpose weapon. It has a strong antioxidant effect, which has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and prostate gland.

The fruit is said to prevent cancer, eliminate digestive problems and increase sexual desire. The polyphenols contained in the pomegranate are a unique elixir for the prostate gland.

These dock onto the inner walls of the prostate and have an antioxidant effect there. As a result, an inflamed prostate gland can decongest and reach the normal size. But in turn…

From the fruit of the gods to a superfood

The pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a miracle cure of nature. Several records prove that even the ancient Egyptians knew about the healing properties of the delicious fruit. Researchers have been able to discover, among other things, ancient glass jars in the shape of pomegranates.

Along with grapes and figs, the pomegranate is one of the first fruits to be cultivated by humans. Countless myths about the “Punica granatum” circulate in several cultures.

These tell of meaningful symbols of life, death and fertility. Due to its long shelf life, the pomegranate has been a valuable travel companion for thousands of years, serving as a valuable thirst quencher.

Today, pomegranates are widely used as a “superfood” throughout the world. The tasty seeds are combined with salads and side dishes or pressed into a beneficial juice. In addition, the “fruit of the gods” shines primarily through its medicinal effect.

Potassium, vitamin C and E, zinc and iron are only a few of many healthy ingredients. They have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and improve blood circulation. The so-called polyphenols have an enormous share in these processes.

For centuries it has been known that the pomegranate has a healing power. Researchers repeatedly point out that polyphenols have an anti-inflammatory effect. This is especially beneficial for people with prostate problems.

Several clinical studies have found that polyphenols counteract stress and heart disease and reduce erectile dysfunction in old age. Polyphenols stimulate the immune system and can multiply the PSA doubling time.

More quality of life through a healthy prostate

Pomegranates are considered a real miracle cure. The ruby red juice and the fruity seeds have a lasting effect on health. In prostate disorders, the polyphenols are deposited on the inner walls of the prostate gland and have an anti-inflammatory effect there.

This means that those affected can often avoid surgical intervention and remedy the problems naturally. In any case, one should not put the complaints aside for a long time, in order to avoid an aggravation.

Regular examinations can reveal problems at an early stage. In addition, men can actively support the prostate through pelvic floor exercises. Sometimes a frank conversation helps to clarify problems or to communicate.

Those who keep quiet about their problems usually put an additional strain on their psyche. In the meantime, 3 out of 5 men over the age of 50 suffer from the troublesome symptoms.

Prostaphythol capsules as natural support for the prostate gland

Prostate complaints are a widespread disease that many men have to deal with. Weakened urination, difficulty urinating, and erectile dysfunction are among the most common consequences of prostate enlargement.

Prostaphytol wants to combat this cause naturally and relies on the powers of the pomegranate to do so. The polyphenols contained therein are a real secret tip. They actively counteract stress and cardiovascular diseases and they support the prostate in its natural function.

Polyphenols occupy the inner walls of the prostate gland, where they exert their antioxidant effect. Prostaphytol brings this active ingredient to the market in a capsule form.

Uncomplicated intake, great success

With increasing age, more and more men are struggling with stubborn prostate complaints. These put a strain on the body and in many cases have a grueling effect on the mind.

Simple everyday activities become a challenge and a normal working life becomes a distant prospect. Those affected often complain of sleep disturbances, inner restlessness or a constant urge to urinate.

The discomfort in the intimate area in many cases negatively affects the relationship and sex life. However the fewest want to speak about the sensitive topic. For many sufferers, surgery is often the last resort.

With the effective combination of Prostaphytol capsules you can possibly avoid this step. Pomegranate polyphenols attach themselves to the inner walls of the prostate gland, where they have an anti-inflammatory effect. 1 capsule a day is already enough to achieve a rapid effect.

The first results are noticeable after a few days. The mixture of pomegranate polyphenols, high-quality vitamins, zinc and Serenoa Repens (saw palmetto) can be easily taken at any time with sufficient water.

There is no easier way to support the prostate. Rapid treatment can soon make nighttime sleep disturbances, problems in bed and pain when urinating a thing of the past.