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Healing incense rituals – incense for a new time!

Smoking as naturally as possible and with the awareness that the smoke of native plants and resins has a healing effect on both a physical and spiritual level.

The smoke of native plants and resins transforms, clears energetic fields, protects, harmonizes, gives peace, brightens, raises the vibration and heals on very deep levels.

When smoking, in addition to the ingredients and active ingredients of the herbs, subtle forces are always released.

The author presents her self-developed method of incense without charcoal and describes how you can make your own incense blends.

In addition, more than 20 incense rituals and ceremonies are described, with which you can support yourself, but also the change of the earth.

From weather incenses over nature being incenses up to large incense rituals, which one accomplishes in the group outside, you will become acquainted with many completely new possibilities to incense.

Healing incense rituals

Old knowledge for a new time

Freya publishing house – 1. Edition 2021
Hardcover – thread stitching
throughout four-color, with many photos
216 pages – format: 17,4 x 22,6 cm
ISBN 978-3-99025-437-0
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The author

Adelheid Brunner was born in Linz in 1971 and grew up close to nature, just outside the city.

She was influenced by her father, who loved nature and often took her to the forest, and of course by the trees, plants and animals that were her real teachers from an early age.

After the Matura she studied biology with great passion. The birth of her children initially made her immerse herself in motherhood before she switched to adult education and taught medicinal herbology and nature education at “Wifi Oberösterreich” for many years.

In addition to the scientific basis, the subtle, shamanic and nature-spiritual approach to plants and nature was always important to her, as well as the roots of our culture, where she found access to the annual cycle festivals and the ancient rituals and customs of our homeland.

In her first book she passes on her self-acquired knowledge on the subject of “plant shamanism” and describes how to gain access to the subtle levels of nature.

For many years it accompanies and teaches humans, who would like to come again closer to nature.

On her facebook page, which now has over 100.000 readers follow, she writes daily texts and impulses, which are known as “Old Knowledge” far beyond the borders of Austria.