Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Fascia and fascia roller

Everyone may have heard of a fascia roller, but only a few people know what it is good for. There are many offers to buy on the Internet, but only a few advisors. Buying a fascia roll is one thing, but using it correctly is a completely different matter.

What to consider before buying a fascia roller?

In case of pain in the back and neck, a doctor should always be consulted first. Because it is important to clarify the reason for this pain. If no direct diagnosis can be made here, the fasciae are probably stuck together.

Exactly these fascias were not considered so far by the medicine, provide however for discomfort and pain. Often there are also more severe headaches. That is why the diagnosis is often so difficult here, because the fascia are often stuck together in the neck.

Painkillers are only a short-term solution, and here the entire body can be affected. Especially in the case of headaches, there is hardly any diagnosis by the doctor. Often people are simply prescribed painkillers, which then put unnecessary stress on the body.

But a targeted use of the fascia roller can bring long-term relief here. There are not only fasciae in the back, but they run through our entire body.

What are fasciae?

This is the connective tissue that lies directly under the skin. Through the fasciae our body gains stability, because the fasciae encompass our entire organs and muscles.

In addition, the fasciae are still occupied with certain receptors, so that everything in our body stays in the right place. If you would like to learn more about fascia, you are welcome to do so on the following website: http://faszienrolle-test.eu/.

Because of course not only the fascia roller is important, rather people should understand exactly what is going on in our body. Of course, there would still be the possibility to get a special therapy with a therapist.

However, many people simply do not have the time. Thus, the fascia roller is an important aid, which then helps to a better well-being.

What to consider when buying a fascia roller?

There is not only one type of fascia roller, but there is for example the smooth fascia roller. Here is often also spoken of the Blackroll. However, most people achieve much better results with the fascia roller with structure.

But then again there are differences, with the degrees of hardness being important. If someone is particularly sensitive to pain, he should get the soft fascia roll.

Then there is the standard fascia roller and the hard fascia roller. The hard fascia roll is often recommended here, as it also reaches deeper lying regions.

Of course, everyone should decide for themselves, so that then afterwards the fascia roller is used. At the first moment, even with proper use, a slight to moderate pain may occur, but then it subsides.

This pain comes from the strong tension. Only when this tension is released, the pain subsides. If you want to learn more about the different fascia rollers, you can find important information on the website linked above here.

Regular use helps

Of course, even a fascia roller can not work miracles, rather, this should be used regularly. The exercises are very simple.

Many of these exercises can even be done standing up. Thus, no one has to lie on a carpet to then become pain-free again. Especially if someone is quite stiff, the exercises should be adapted here.

But in the meantime, the most common problems are in the back, which is heavily loaded. Sitting at a desk and working at the computer causes an unnatural posture. Thus, the fascia roll can also be used preventively.

Even if someone moves a lot, the fascia can stick together and cause problems. Therefore, when choosing the right roller should also invest a little time. A pain free life is easily possible.