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What exactly is biophoton radiation??

Without sunlight there would be no life on our earth. The sun is the largest heat accumulator and energy supplier of our galaxy, as far as can be estimated up to now.

The sun emits a wide spectrum of energies, which can penetrate the earth’s atmosphere to different extents. The UV light, which we receive on earth, amounts to only scarcely 5% of the energy radiating from the sun.

The following graph shows the radiation of the sun, wavelengths and the degree of absorption by the earth’s atmosphere. (Brandmeyer, Elke/Köhler Bodo: Light gives life, fit fürs leben Verlag 1997)

All these „scientific“ indications are only as approximate indications. We have already mentioned that DNA and RNA have a built-in self-repair program. Research on the self-repair of DNA and RNA has shown that repair enzymes of DNA and RNA can only work in UV light. That is why this process is called photorepair. Experimental animals that were kept in light, but without the UV component, became severely ill.

The colors are the children of the light, d.h. they are formed when light hits a body. Then they are either a) mirrored or. (in the case of a white body, all photons are reflected), or b) swallowed or absorbed. absorbed (in a black body all photons are absorbed, c) they pass through, like z.B. in a window pane or d) are deflected, d.h. broken (during the transition into another medium like water).

Normally the light spreads in the vacuum with a speed of scarcely 300 000 kilometers per second. However, in matter such as gas and water, the speed of propagation is somewhat slowed down.

Colors are measured in waves, from wave peak to wave peak, the unit of measurement is called nanometer (nm). The color red moves between 670 – 760 nm, yellow, orange, pink between 560 – 630 nm, green 490 – 560 nm, blue 430 – 490 nm and violet between 380 – 430 nm.

Solar energy is converted into chemical energy by plants and bacteria through photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is one of the most important reactions in nature and the prerequisite for what we call life, par excellence. Oxygen for breathing is formed by the process of photosynthesis. It is estimated that this process occurs about. 3.5 x 10 to the 9th power „was invented“ years ago. The atmosphere of the earth at that time contained methane. The 21% oxygen content of the air of today’s earth was created in billions of years of photosynthetic activity, using the energy and light of the sun.

The light has a double nature, it is wave and particle at the same time. Wave and particle cannot be measured at the same time with our kind of instruments and devices, because traditionally our science always focuses on the one or another thing concentrated.

The atomic model developed by Rutherford in 1911 is used to explain the formation of biophotons, even though this model is no longer considered entirely correct by wide areas of quantum physical science. Here the electrons circle in „Schalen“ around the atomic nucleus, like the planets around the sun.

The protons in the nucleus are positively charged, the electrons negatively charged. A photon hits an electron and its energy moves the electron to an orbit farther out and thus higher in energy, d.h. Shell. The electron orbits on this orbit as long as it can hold the new energy given to it by the photon, then it sinks back to its old orbit and gives off energy in the form of radiation, which is measured in photons.

The energy of the photon is measured in electron volts (eV). This is the energy that an electron, or. every particle, which is charged with an elementary charge, gains when passing through a voltage difference of 1 volt. [1]

In 1913, Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr developed an extended model. In this understanding of the atomic model, which is still the most widespread today, the electrons orbit the atomic nucleus on fixed orbits. He assumed that the electrons would change abruptly under absorption resp. emission of a certain amount of energy up or. can move down: the theory of the quantum leap.

The idea of the existence of an orbit is based on classical physics, whereas the idea of electrons corresponding to a certain energy level comes from quantum physics. Bohr constructed his atomic model by combining areas of classical physics theory with quantum theory.

Although his theory did not yield any insights into what atoms really are and how they work, and his model eventually turned out to be largely wrong, it did advance himself and other natural scientists by paving the way for a serious quantum theory of the atom.

Figure 5

Figure 5 represents the most advanced understanding of the atom to date. Here, in the orbital model, the atom is shown embedded in an electromagnetic field. A 3D animation can show the moving atom with its electrons in an excellent way.

The electron is simply a something that moves outside the atomic nucleus and includes a certain amount of energy and other properties. It moves in a mysterious way. The electron „prefers to stay near the nucleus“. The „uncertainty theory“ developed by Heisenberg says that they can be at the same place, but then they are subject to an uncertainty which makes their exact position appear blurred.

This is due to the wave property of the particles. „Since the electron is much lighter than the atomic nucleus its fuzziness is larger and the area in which it is encountered is much larger than that of the nucleus.“ (dtv Atlas Atomphysik, Munich 1997, p. 15)

It is of great importance to present these three models, which differ from each other, because they:

– excellently reflecting the changing state of development;
– pointing out the expanding level of consciousness of the researchers;
– with a slowed down development of nearly 30 – 50 years such research results also in the schools and then in the heads of the general population become generally accepted;
– although this development is faster today due to the media and people are informed faster on the level of the mind, these insights usually do not integrate holistically-spatially into the everyday consciousness;
– form the basis of our understanding of reality.

The model, which is considered relatively static today, was revolutionary at that time and is still mainly taught in schools today >> Germany is the exception here.

However, there is an essential difference between understanding the fundamentals of the structure of our world as moving in static orbits and having an understanding of the electromagnetic oscillatory field in which all motion is embedded. The crucial difference is to understand that with the oscillation and wave model the movements are not to be calculated exactly, but must be thought and investigated process-like. All states are always possible and these can be predicted only with certain probabilities. They can never be calculated and determined exactly in the sense of our present understanding.

The mass of atomic nucleus and electrons
comprises altogether only 0.000000000001 %,
the remaining 99,999999999999 % are „free“ space,
free in the sense that this space does not contain matter,
but it is about a vacuum.

This corresponds exactly to the distribution of planets and stars in relation to the
free spaces in the universe.

The light does not only transfer energy, but is above all also source and carrier of information. It reports, for example, from the matter from which it springs. „Every chemical element leaves a characteristic fingerprint in the spectrum of the emitted light.“ (Vaas, Rüdiger: Das Flüstern der Photonen, bild der wissenschaft, 1998, Popp, Fritz-Albert: Die Botschaft der Nahrung, Zweitausendundeins, Frankfurt 2000)

This has been exploited by industry for decades: spectral analysis is an important method for the identification and investigation of atoms and molecules.

Even the number of photons in the observable cosmos can be estimated: about 10 to the power of 89 times, that is, a billion times more than the number of estimated atoms.

The more vital, d.h. healthier a living body is, the longer the electron can keep the light, d.h. hold the energy of the photon, d.h. the longer the electron can move on the outer orbit and above all, the more mobile the atom, and thus the cell, the organ, the whole organism can adjust and change to changes. Popp has proven that free-range eggs show a significantly higher light storage capacity than eggs from battery hens.[2]
The same difference appears between free-range and hydroponic tomatoes. Frozen food radiates less and more irregularly than fresh food, as do potatoes treated with artificial fertilizer as opposed to organically fertilized tubers. Any form of manipulation, including the use of pesticides negatively affect the electromagnetic ground state of food.

The electrons are in a constant motion around the nucleus of the atom, and the protons and neutrons are in constant motion, resp. oscillation in the atomic nucleus and the quarks, even smaller units are also in constant oscillation in the protons and neutrons. Exact orbits and oscillation positions can be detected in laboratory experiments, but with this we have only captured the momentary situation of all particles lasting fractions of a second: protons, neutrons and electrons, photons. However, with this we know absolutely nothing about their swinging relation to each other, how they relate to each other, which influences change the swinging movements and how. So we focus on one snapshot and then on the next snapshot and so on. The knowledge gained from this is then processed into a theory, which consequently only reflects a collection of impressions of snapshots, but does not capture the inner interplay of the system under investigation.

It is of utmost importance in our modern physics to understand how a photon moves in the space-time continuum, since photons are carriers of electrical forces. If two electrons come closer to each other, they repel each other due to their electrical charge. A photon is then released from the electron that turns away and is picked up by the other electron, which thereby moves to a higher orbit. A photon, which is in the space-time continuum, resp. spontaneously creates an electron/positron pair. Positrons have the same mass as electrons, but move in the other direction, d.h. they are positively charged.

For every particle there is an antiparticle, which has the same mass, spin and lifetime, but an opposite charge particle. If an unstable particle decays into other elementary particles, the antiparticle also decays into the antiparticles of the decay products. The photon or light quadrant is identical with its antiparticle. If a particle interacts with its antiparticle, both particles are annihilated and the energy is converted into photons or mesons. (dtv Atlas Atomic Physics, Munich 1997, p. 111)

So, we can observe in all material forms and systems – certainly also in non-material appearances, i.e.h. for us therefore not visible – assume that they move in a specific wave oscillation field. Although this equilibrium is very stable on the one hand, it is at the same time equally unstable. Any disturbance or perturbation of this oscillating field immediately triggers changes.

When an object is excited to higher pulsation, the whole field changes and with it the resonance in the whole environment in which the object is embedded, as well as to other objects.

Normal cells and tissues oscillate in a specific wave pattern in which biophotons are also embedded. Free and unbound lipids of the liver, brain, and bile luminesce in the blue-green and red spectral regions, respectively.

The DNA, the double helix wound around itself, which can be turned right or left, is the central storehouse of light in the body. Until January 2001, DNA was considered the universal building block in all living cells. It belongs to the group of nucleic acids, of which there are two variants: DNA and RNA. DNA + RNA are built like a rope ladder. The two conductor sides form the retaining framework and consist of sugar and phosphate groups, which react acidically. The sprouts are suspended from the sugar and are basic.

There are only 4 bases in DNA named adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine, abbreviated A, T, C, G, where only A paired with T and C paired with G can occur at any time. The sequence of bases was previously referred to as the genetic code.

Only in the first week of February this year, it became clear to researchers that DNA + RNA molecules are a laser active medium and produce optical holograms that resonate with the background fields of the Earth, the planet as well as the galaxies.

Popp had these connections already for over 20 years in the eye , if he refers to the fact that the cells and above all also the DNA do not only take up the light, but above all also coherently, d.h. cannot be released chaotically. „Coherence is the ability of waves to superimpose, whereby spatially distinct photon sources mutually amplify or attenuate each other. This creates an ordered state in which the waves form a coherent and communicative field and are highly coordinated; in contrast, in the case of non-coherent (chaotic or thermal) photons, the interference breaks down in fractions of a second.“ (Bishof, Marco, Biophotons, Two thousand and one, 1995, pp. 484)

The way of the ultra-weak cell radiation
is therefore essential:
it does not radiate chaotically,
but phase-stable like a laser, d.h. coherently.

(International Institute of Biophysics, Conference on Biophotons 1999,

The biophoton theory assumes an interaction
of cause and effect,
which is not goal-directed and linear,
as understood by our modern sciences so far,
but in cooperation fulfills its „task“.

Normal tissues can quickly and flexibly adapt to this constant change.
The coherent information system of a body is able in most situations to
Restore optimal state.
Tumor tissue, however, has this coherent internal optimization program,
to oscillate in response to changing circumstances, lost.
As a consequence, the tumor tissue is not able to,
communicate coherently via the biophotons.(Popp, Fritz Albert, About the Coherence of Biophotons, International Institute of Biophotons,

Communication thus turns out to be our most fundamental property, d.h. communication within the system as well as communication to the outside. It is a matter of avoiding the entropy, d.h. to counteract the loss of structure, chaos, a state of high disorder, and to form and maintain a state of order and excitation.

A high degree of order in the body
also enables an undisturbed
Information and communication flow,
it maintains the metabolism
and all other life processes in motion.
Like the structure and structure of cells,
the synthesis of proteins,
hormones, carbohydrates and fats,
the flow of neurotransmitters.
The entire cell metabolism is based
on an extremely fast transmission of information,
which only the light can guarantee.

Lack of energy and blockages express disturbances in the life process, which can be at all levels – from the atomic particle to the cells, the organs to the psyche. Every illness is therefore an expression of a loss of information and communication in the body!

In the world of our material science, based on Darwinism, each one fights against all and even each gene tries to achieve its advantage over the others. In this concept of nature, in which everyone fights against everyone else, there is no concept of interplay. This general concept of war of the life is expressed also in our medical language. We speak of the immune system as the army commander against bacteria and viruses. Muths, Christa: (Language of war in medicine, espacio time, 3. Jhrg. No.3, as well as:

In contrast, the biophoton theory presents a model in which life and all particles of a system behave coherently with each other and with each other, communicate with each other in order to achieve the most meaningful cooperation and to restore optimal conditions for the system.

The emission of light is always strongest when DNA is reproduced. About 90% of biophotons are emitted by DNA in the cell nucleus. According to the current understanding of scientists, DNA does not participate in metabolism. However, I consider this to be a linear view of the body and its functions. The DNA is by its form, the double helix an excellent storage organ for light and thereby also for oxygen. Perhaps this is why the snake is the basis of all processes taking place in the body and therefore also part of the metabolism.

The DNA is so far „at least“
assigned two tasks: the coding of genetic information,
which is passed on in the germ cells to the next generation as well as the information for the structure of all cell components.

The coherent light from the DNA
controls all important bio-chemical processes and remodeling processes.
These processes are only the consequence of the information transmitted by the photons.

Also the knowledge about the tasks, function and above all the meaning of the DNA is not new. When anthropologist Jeremy Narby lived in the Peruvian jungle with the Peruvian Indians, he discovered that the natives’ phenomenal knowledge of plants and their biochemical reactions included knowledge of DNA, symbolized by two dancing snakes. (Jeremy Narby: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, London 1998)

The shamans there go into contact with the energies, i.e. with their resonance field into the resonance field of the plant or the other person and thus receive information about the application and use of remedies, but also about the nature and cause of the disease. The curanderos in Mexico also work in the same way. They get in touch with the resonance field of the sick person, his environment as well as the remedies, in order to get closer information about healing possibilities.

The latest findings of modern science, that DNA and RNA create optical holograms and are in resonance with all other background fields, correspond to the understanding and approach of the shamans of these ancient traditions, but also the world understanding of many holistic color therapists.

Author: Christa Muths

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[2] Popp, Fritz-Albert: The Message of Food, Zweitausendundeins, Frankfurt 2000