Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Outdoor and health

The right shoes are a prerequisite for adventure and hiking trips, as well as outdoor tours for an eventful enjoyment. If the footwear is not adapted to the type of undertaking or to the foot, there is a risk of nasty pressure marks and blisters. In the worst case, torn ligaments, broken bones or strains can occur.

But it does not have to come so far. Because today there is the right footwear for every occasion. Among other things, you can choose from classic multifunctional shoes that reach below the ankles, robust hiking or trekking boots and special shoes for glacier tours and via ferratas.

The hiking boot – Safe companion on hiking tours

Those who like hiking and climbing are well advised to use sturdy hiking boots. If you are looking for hiking boots, you will find a wide selection, especially on the Internet. No matter whether the shoes but now in the store or over the Internet are bought – they should be tried on preferably in the afternoon.

Because: In the course of the day the foot always swells a little bit. Even then the boots should still fit well. Shoes ordered over the Internet can usually be returned within 14 days if they do not fit. So trying them on properly should not be a problem.

In addition, there are special hiking socks for hiking boots and hiking boots, which offer the feet a perfect grip and transport the moisture well to the outside. They should be favorably already worn when trying on the shoes to achieve an ideal result. For additional comfort, insoles can also be used to further improve the fit in the shoe.

Outdoor shoes – Like a second skin

Outdoor activities such as cycling, jogging, hiking or climbing bring fun and promote health. Actually. However, as injuries can quickly occur during these leisure or sports activities, only high-quality outdoor shoes should be selected in addition to good sportswear.

The following applies to all shoes: The toes must have some air upwards and in front. Nevertheless, the foot must sit firmly in the shoe and may not move too much. This is extremely important especially for hiking boots. The rolling of the sole should not be too soft, but certainly supple. Outdoor shoes can be worn indoors and outdoors as well as for sports and leisure activities, making them real all-round talents.