Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Headaches, tension and co. – Professional jaw orthopedics can be helpful

You wake up in the morning and not only feel totally unrested and tired, but also have the feeling that your jaw hurts and your head is throbbing.

In the course of the day these symptoms usually subside and already one dedicates oneself to everyday activities. But at the latest in the evening or the following night and also the morning after, these symptoms appear again.

Because these ailments usually disappear and subside during the day, they are rarely taken seriously.

And this is the crux of the matter and you find yourself in a kind of vicious circle. If we do not do something about it quickly and consistently, the pain usually increases and serious damage to our health can occur.

Only a few people know that these things can be a case for an orthodontist.

But the fact is that many factors can contribute to these symptoms and that they can also very often take place within the human jaw alone.

To the jaw itself

The human jaw is the strongest joint in our body. In the course of our lives, we crush no less than 30 tons of food with our jaws!

But if the bite does not fit properly, or if there are other disturbing factors around the jaw joint alone, this can cause pain up to the head, ear and back.

Our dentition plays an important and decisive role in harmony with the temporomandibular joint. Because if our dentures are not really intact, our jaws can neither feel comfortable nor continue their work smoothly and without complaints.

For example, if missing teeth are not replaced by bridges and crowns and gaps between teeth are not closed, it can lead to a strong imbalance in the jaw.

The friction process and the chewing behavior change strongly and if the rows of teeth in the upper jaw do not have a counterpart in the lower jaw and vice versa, it comes to a strong imbalance, which in turn then lead to the above-mentioned jaw ailments and beyond.

The intact dentition is therefore also a starting point for a well-functioning jaw joint and the control of the orthodontist.

The professionals in this field, such as the orthodontics in Ravensburg, can in these cases effectively and with sound knowledge to get to the bottom of the matter and on the basis of targeted examinations to find out what exactly needs to be done to alleviate the suffering and the discomfort if necessary. to be able to minimize.

Not only teeth grinding can be to blame

It suddenly hurts with every bite and when chewing. It cracks when biting and crushing the food. The jaw literally jams when you want to open your mouth.

There is unexplained headache and neck pain or even annoying ringing in the ears. All these different symptoms and more can have their origin in the temporomandibular joint.

Doctors then speak, for example, of a craniomandibular dysfunction. It includes pain or functional restrictions in the area of the temporomandibular joint and the masticatory muscles.

And those who, for example, regularly grind their teeth unconsciously at night while sleeping, are indeed candidates for the ailments listed above, but it does not necessarily have to be that a teeth-grinder complains about these ailments.

People who are exposed to stress and psychological strain in everyday life can also tell you a thing or two about it.

Especially our subconscious plays an essential role here and also the time of day does not stop the complaints.

Because there are also people who constantly suffer from these clinical pictures during the day and perceive it subconsciously, but can neither bring it in connection with the jaw or temporomandibular joint, nor classify it in any other way.

A fatal circle, from which you can only find your way out if you can listen to your body and act as quickly as possible. The way to the orthodontist is inevitable at this point.

Avoid stress and take action

Those who grind should have a dental splint made by the dentist in addition to the check-up at the orthodontist, which must be worn always and constantly at night.

On the one hand, it reduces the abrasion damage to the teeth themselves and can already relieve the jaw joint significantly through this.

Stress and anger should be largely avoided. Because not only the subconscious and our jaw suffer from it, but also, as is well known, the complete health of our body.

Meditative activities, rituals of going to bed every night should be carried out, and above all, any quarrel in the evening should be avoided and / or settled and eliminated before going to bed.

Also, special gymnastic exercises of the facial muscles and the temporomandibular joint can help us relax and take care of our jaws.