Wed. May 29th, 2024

No-Gos during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Many women enjoy pregnancy and the first months (breastfeeding) with the baby not least because it finally means: no dieting! The normally critical look in the mirror becomes a proud observation of the growing baby bump. So everything would be quite relaxed, were it not for the many rules for a healthy diet during pregnancy and lactation.

Sushi, raw milk cheese and mayonnaise – these are the no-goes in pregnancy and breastfeeding

No raw milk cheese, no tiramisu, no pre-cut fruit from the supermarket or fruit stand! As an expectant or nursing mother, it is easy to lose track of which foods are allowed and which should be eliminated from the diet. During pregnancy and the subsequent breastfeeding period, women should pay special attention to a healthy and balanced diet in order to provide themselves and the child with optimal nutrients.

Caution during breastfeeding when eating raw foods

Many raw foods can contain germs such as listeria, toxoplasma or salmonella and thus pose a health risk to the unborn child. Special care should be taken with milk and dairy products, meat and sausages, fish or fish products. Seafood and in fruits and vegetables: Some foods and dishes from these groups are not heated during production, germs are therefore not destroyed.

So that pregnant women always have a good feeling when shopping or choosing in a restaurant, the infographic of the AOK Hessen shows at a glance all foods that are taboo during pregnancy. On the refrigerator door or in the handbag the perfect companion to feel safe.

Once the baby has finally arrived, young mothers should not throw their healthy diet overboard. Although the same recommendation applies to them as to all other adults – a balanced diet – they have particularly high energy and nutrient needs during the breastfeeding period.

The AOK Hessen has summarized what breastfeeding mothers should pay particular attention to in their diets.