Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Help through andullation

Gentle healing methods are becoming more and more popular. A relatively modern therapy is andullation. Only in the year 2007 it was announced to the patent. Meanwhile it finds however ever more use in therapeutic practices. Andullation aims to unleash the self-healing powers in the body. Thus not only the symptoms of the disease are fought, but also the causes are gone to the reason. This therapy can be used in many ways. Thus, it is suitable not only for the prevention of the diseases, but also for the specific treatment of some of them. It is often used in pain therapy, where andullation is already very widespread.

Methodically the causes are fought

Even if one is not a doctor, the procedure of the therapy can be understood well. With it the so-called fair weather frequencies are used. The frequencies are around 10 Hertz, but it varies depending on the clinical picture and it can also happen that they are around 16 Hertz. The frequencies are now conducted directly into the body in a mechanical way, usually accompanied by infrared rays. These fair-weather frequencies have a holistic effect, as they set the body fluids (blood and lymph) in vibration. These vibrations have the effect that the self-healing powers in the body are activated again and come into their own. This happens because the vibrations stimulate the basic functions of the body, such as blood circulation and metabolism. There are also special couches that are made specifically for this type of therapy, these are used in many practices. How the frequencies are used is adapted to each patient individually.