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How to compare private health insurance?

Compared to the statutory health insurance companies, private health insurance companies have many advantages in terms of the scope of services provided. Because while the health insurance companies must adhere to legal defaults, which concerns the organization of the health insurance protection, private health insurances can be cut exactly to the needs of the respective insured one.

However, the offers of the various insurers differ greatly. Therefore, a private health insurance comparison makes sense before you take out a private health insurance.

Questions about the private health insurance comparison

In order to make a well-founded private health insurance comparison, it is important to first obtain a general overview of the market. One of the decisive questions here is whether or not a private health insurance policy has proven to have stable premiums in recent years. If there have been regular surcharges on the premiums in recent years, a regular increase in costs can usually also be expected in the future.

This is particularly hard for insured persons who not only insure themselves but also their family. In contrast to statutory health insurance, non-working spouses and children are not automatically covered. Rather, private health insurance must be taken out individually for each family member.

For families, the private health insurance comparison is therefore particularly important. Here you should pay attention above all to whether the respective insurance company has if necessary special discounts for the insurance of families in the offer.

It depends on the scope of services

The amount of the insurance premiums for a private health insurance follows above all from the extent of the respective achievements. When you make a private health insurance comparison, you must therefore weigh not only the prices of the individual offers against each other, but also the benefits that the respective insurer offers. In many cases, private health insurance is offered as a basic model, which corresponds approximately to the scope of the statutory health insurance.

According to the modular principle additional achievements can be agreed upon then in things Chefarztbehandlung as well as single or two-bed accommodation in the hospital with. Each of these additional modules has an impact on the later premiums for private health insurance.

Also for dental prosthesis a dental supplementary insurance is advantageous, because depending on the tariff and own contribution the costs can be refunded up to 100%. A detailed overview of the respective costs and benefits gives you zahnzusatzversicherungen.en.

If you want these and other special benefits on a larger scale, it makes sense to inquire about special rates with the individual insurance companies. Because if a multiplicity of auxiliary achievements is agreed upon, you receive on these usually in return appropriate discounts.

In this respect, it is important to be clear before the comparison whether one attaches particular importance to home care in case of illness or treatments by alternative practitioners. Because straight regarding these auxiliary achievements the offers of the individual insurance companies vary often substantially.

Planning for the future

Even if you do not have any children yet, it makes sense to deal with this topic now in the context of the private health insurance comparison. Because a later change to another private health insurance can be quite expensive due to the by then significantly higher age. The possibility of a later change of profession should also be included in the contract for private health insurance from the very beginning, if possible.

Against this background, it can make sense to accept higher premiums if, on the other hand, the insurance contract offers more freedom with regard to a later adjustment to personal circumstances. Certainly, not all later developments can be predicted when a contract is concluded. Nevertheless, it is important to deal with foreseeable or possible changes in advance in order to make the right choice in private health insurance.