Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Reiki – The healing power of the hands

In modern society, it is not uncommon to encounter relatively stressful situations. The particular situations can have a negative influence on both the body and the mind.

For this reason, the well-known relaxation methods are enjoying increasing popularity. A relaxation method known as Reiki is considered to be extremely effective.

In this form of relaxation method, the universal life energy is always in focus. The relaxation method known under the name of Reiki can, among other things, activate the body’s own self-healing powers.

In addition, personal development can also be positively influenced thanks to the power of Reiki. This special form of the relaxation method can be used however not only by technically experienced persons.

Self-application is certainly one of the most important areas of application.

The source of life

In the context of self-application, the hands can be applied either intuitively or systematically to the various regions of the body.

The power of Reiki lies primarily in the warmth felt by the person.

According to the philosophical approaches, the universal life energy is decisively responsible for the process of heat development. For this reason, the universal life energy is not infrequently also referred to as creative power.

Only when the universal life energy can flow unhindered through one’s own body, the body and the mind form a unity. However, it is not uncommon for an unexpected event to be responsible for the build-up of an inner blockage.

In addition to an injury, an unhealthy diet, among other things, can also promote the buildup of an internal blockage. As a result of an inner blockage, psychological symptoms can appear in addition to physical symptoms.

For example, a chronic inflammation in the area of the stomach can be seen as a typical symptom. The built up blockages, however, can often be removed relatively quickly by means of the power of Reiki.

Meanwhile, the power of Reiki is also used in the field of modern conventional medicine. In the context of the application the subjectively felt disturbances of the psychological condition decrease noticeably. In addition, the view for the essential is sharpened.

Based on this fact, for example, stressful conflicts in relationships can be viewed from a new perspective.

At the same time this form of the relaxation method takes a substantial influence on the physical well-being. The heat, which is often perceived as beneficial, can relieve tension in the neck area, among other things.

Reiki – A moment of self-reflection

Although this form of relaxation can be applied relatively easily in public, the aspect of silence should not be neglected.

For example, if the relaxation method is performed regularly at a fixed time, users can gain extremely impressive experiences.

In addition, the continuity in most cases leads to a self-critical observation.

Thus, positive developments can be perceived relatively easily. Despite the positive effects, users should not neglect one essential fact.

According to the statements of experienced users, a short-term worsening of the present symptoms can occur in the course of the application.

For example, if a person suffers from back pain, the power of Reiki can make it stronger for a short time. However, a worsening of symptoms can be seen as a sign of success.