Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Plasma Liquid – the ENT revolution!

Plasma Liquid can be used for sinusitis, periodontitis and all inflammatory and germ-related diseases of the upper respiratory tract and for all chronic and acute wounds.

Things to know about REGENO Plasma Liquid

The REGENO Plasma Liquid series consists of certified medical products. There can be a 99.9% germ reduction of all relevant germs, including MRSA!

Besides the wound and dermatological applications with the wound spray gel or the wound irrigation, the treatment with the nose spray gel at z.B. Sinusitis and sinus diseases as well as pollen allergies can be treated first class.

Excellent skin and mucous membrane compatibility for efficient and painless cleaning, infection prophylaxis and decontamination, including MRSA/MRE. For use with the REGENO Plasma Liquid series:

  • No side effects,
  • No alcohol admixture,
  • No surfactants,
  • non-toxic for humans and animals,
  • Non-allergenic,
  • eliminates wound odors,
  • certified medical device,
  • ideal also for children, allergy sufferers and diabetics,
  • low-pain application, very good tissue tolerance,
  • supports the natural healing process,
  • no environmental impact,
  • also suitable for pregnant women.

Production and interesting facts

Our products are manufactured in a patented process. In this process, a brine is electrolytically charged and thus has an osmotic effect on all germs. Last year alone, we were able to help over 20.000 patients with our products last year alone.

Well over 90% of all patients who have been treated with our products report significant improvement and often experience a prompt recovery, sometimes after years or even decades of chronic discomfort.

Our product contains no chemicals, alcohol, no cortisone or antibiotics, no binders or stabilizers. There are no known allergic reactions.

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