Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

What does failure teach us?

The Danish philosopher and author Søren Kierkegaard once said that you can live life only forward – understand it but only backwards. If one takes a look at one’s own life and feels again along the memories of the last years one realizes that the Dane does not lie. We learn from bad times and good times for the future. The most formative and lasting of these, according to other critical thinkers, are the worst times.

The eternal path to happiness

Of course, we all want a life without stress and full of happiness, whether in partnership, with friends, at work or even in terms of health. To live the day without worries is the goal of all. There is a permanent up and down of situations and emotional states in life. Not everything always goes according to plan. What can we learn from the bad times and why it makes sense to feel bad and to fail sometimes??

If we are lucky all our life and permanently determined by positive experiences, we will lose the feeling of what it means to be lucky. The balance can only be found in change. An afflictive low makes the next mood high even more pleasant: A beautiful sunny day is enjoyed even more after a few rainy days, the joy is even greater.

In failure, i.e. when we make mistakes, we may initially have the impression that we are bad and unable to realize our goals. In these situations, however, we begin to reflect the process. We retreat and find fault, talk about it with other people who shared a similar situation or are simply close to us. Out of the distress then comes the new solution, which makes us get up again and walk the path anew. Those who only succeed rarely reflect on mistakes or the optimization of processes.

Eternal failure?

A negative phase only makes sense if it is followed by a positive one. If this remains absent for too long, we have to change something in our strategy for problem solving. There is the possibility to exchange ideas with like-minded people. Peaceful and free groupings are recommended, such as the Grail Movement.B. The Grail Movement. The Grail Movement is a free, non-denominational association that discusses important life issues and can help find the way out of life’s crisis.

Failure mainly teaches us that something is not going right in some area or could be just a little bit better. The problem in which the negative thoughts manifest is a problem of society. We think in absolutes, remember that there are winners and losers, that we win or fail. Even winners have had negative phases in their lives, biographies of greats of mankind speak volumes.

The important thing is to feel good. A healthy life means physical and physical integrity. When it looks like rain for a long time, the certainty that the sun is shining somewhere is not enough. We are in control of our own destiny and with our actions we are responsible that we and the people around us are well.