Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Study on the effect of CBD in an anxiety disorder

The aim of the study was to prove whether the patients concerned with a (social) anxiety disorder can be helped by the constant intake of CBD.

On a so-called „social anxiety disorder“ is a focus of the fight.

This independent study by student Jona Decker and his colleagues from the fields of economics, biological chemistry, social science and psychology examined how the use of CBD may affect patients suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Do the patients with this type of phobia fear being seen by other people as „strange“?.

Depending on the severity of the disease, this results in more or less restriction in everyday life.

Around 7 to 12% of people in Germany are affected by social anxiety disorder.

This form of anxiety is currently treated with psychotherapy and medication (often based on thymoleptics).

Various studies have shown that cannabidiol may be able to positively alter the effects of social anxiety disorder.

Countless people have already given CBD-containing medications an opportunity here in the recent past.

The profit of the industry increases. The interest grows. Is it in this case nevertheless a placebo effect?

Is an anxiety disorder in this case to cure at all, resp. How cannabidiol can help?

What is CBD?

With “CBD” countless humans think inevitably of Cannabis and thus of one – at least in Germany – illegal substance.

Unlike cannabis, BUT, which has over 80 different chemicals in it, so cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD), is NOT psychoactive.

The subjects of the study benefited from its anxiety-relieving effect, which, by the way, had already been examined in studies by the scientists Crippa, Zuardi, Garrido and Wichert-Ana.

Basic data on the cannabidiol (CBD) study

The study was characterized by the following key data from student Jona Decker and his colleagues:

  • 18 test candidates received – without them knowing it – a placebo (in the form of rapeseed oil), 19 test participants consumed 15% CBD oil.
  • Anxiety values BEFORE and AFTER the study were compared with each other.
  • 40 subjects (resp. 37, because three subjects dropped out of the study), who were contacted via Facebook and co. were acquired, were on average 32.6 years old, and were documented to have an anxiety disorder from the social anxiety disorder domain.
  • Study duration 30 days.

Logically, the study participants were screened by their physician for possible health limitations prior to the start of the study.

Study on the mode of action of CBD oil in an anxiety disorder

The scope of the study results

The study indicated that it is realistic that in fact the constant intake of CBD, can help treat anxiety disorders as well on the basis of a comparatively low dose in the form of social phobia.

The fact that the test participants ingested the cannabidiol (CBD) oil themselves and in their usual environment should nevertheless always be kept in mind as well. Thus, the consumption could not be controlled exactly.

Since the therapy with canola oil did not show any improvement of the anxiety disorder, it can be assumed that an overall placebo effect can be excluded.

However, in order to finally make the study more meaningful, a larger group of test participants would be needed.

Up to now, it cannot be scientifically proven that cannabidiol or cannabinoids are actually effective. CBD oil against anxiety disorders is a well efficient remedy.

Additional and more comprehensive studies would have to be conducted here.

The result of the cannabidiol study

In 17 out of 19 cases, after a study duration of thirty days, it was shown that the anxiety scores of the subjects who had ingested cannabidiol (CBD) had improved by an average of 32 percent.

More clearly, here the mean anxiety scores were 4.1 before the start of the study (using a scale of 1 (no discomfort) to 5 (extremely severe discomfort)) and 3.2 afterwards.

Thus, the perceived anxiety symptomatology was reduced by taking CBD. In contrast, the use of the placebo did not show a clear effect.

An investigation speaks accordingly for the fact that the intake of Cannabidiol (CBD) – with a present social anxiety disorder – in an appropriate dosage, could be useful and actually advisable.

This is also true with regard to the proper tolerability during the implementation of the study.

For example, one subject alone suffered from fatigue for a short period of time. Furthermore, the CBD oil was tolerated by the participants without any problems.

The dosage of CBD tended to be kept low during the study (at 50 mg/day).From the indicated 300 to 600 mg per day was often deviated here in the literature, because ..:

  • too expensive would have been the costs of the trial,
  • that better results can be achieved with a lower dosage, a few studies have shown in the past.

The independent cannabidiol (CBD) investigation has the goal of

Whether cannabidiol can be useful for the treatment of social anxiety disorder and, among other things, symptoms such as the notable blushing, trembling and Co. can be avoided, should now be determined in the context of the independent study.