Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Study confirms effect of Schuessler salts

Even if they were invented already in 1873, the Schuessler salts experienced a small revolution in the last years. Many people reported positively about taking the mineral salts in tablet form and their health-promoting effect. Since the preparations are available without a prescription, they are available in many stores or can be ordered through online pharmacies.

But like so many preparations of the alternative medicine also the Schüsslersalze called many doubters on the plan.

Their argumentation: The original substance is practically no longer detectable in the finished product. This would be due to the fact that the mineral salts are potentized in the production of Schüssler salt tablets according to the principle of homeopathy, so that the proportion of the original substance in the final product is only very small. Because of this, there has never been a scientifically usable study that proves the effectiveness of the Schüssler salts.

Own study on the effect of Schuessler salts

However, the alternative practitioner Mrs. Elisabeth Metz-Melchior did not want to be satisfied with this and conducted her own study to show that after taking the Schuessler salts, the majority of the test subjects could report an improvement in their complaints.

Design of the study

In her own naturopathic practice, Metz-Melchior consistently had positive experiences using Schuessler salts to relieve patients’ symptoms. These reported a beneficial effect of the preparations for body, mind and spirit. For the study, therefore, persons were selected who had either never taken Schuessler salts or had not taken them for a long time.

Subjects were fully screened before starting and then required to take the Schuessler salts exactly as directed for three months.

Results of the study

Of the initial 53 subjects, eleven subjects dropped out of the experiment, so the results are based on the health status of 42 subjects. In the vast majority of these subjects, the intake of the Schuessler salts led to a rapid normalization of the imbalance of certain bodily functions and to a general feeling of well-being.

At ca. 90 percent of symptoms showed improvement or even complete disappearance within three months after taking the drug. By means of a hair analysis it could be proven that the decomposition of heavy metals and environmental toxins in the body was favored and accelerated by the Schuessler salts. Similarly, the preparations optimized the supply of minerals and trace elements in the body.