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Offer a gourmet basket at Christmas for whom and how to choose Charliebirdy of gourmet basket

Offer a gourmet basket at Christmas: for whom and how to choose it ?

Christmas is fast approaching and you already have the idea of making gourmet surprises to your loved ones to make them discover all the succulent Christmas products. Why not offer a gourmet basket on the occasion of these holiday season ? This article accompanies you in the choice of the basket garnished and tells you for what type of profile it is the most suitable.

Who to offer a gourmet basket at Christmas ?

For the Big fans of French gastronomy Who are not big followers of the usual Christmas gifts which are rather high tech objects, gourmet baskets are an ideal solution. Composed of exceptional products, confectionery, craft products and succulent Christmas chocolates, Christmas gourmet baskets are a discovery of’Innumerable flavors of French gastronomy and French craftsmanship. There are also organic baskets for nature lovers who are sensitive to the environmental question.

This kind of product has the capacity to create wonder in the face of high quality products present there. Not to mention the multiplicity of foods you can put in, in reality anyone can receive this kind of gift everything being particularly sensitive. Company gifts can also be gourmet baskets.

Indeed, they can reflect the values of a company. Whether it’s your mother, your father, your children, your friends, colleagues or even your dog, anyone can benefit from this kind of gift without any problem.

To summarize, the gourmet basket is mainly available to:

  • Company staff
  • Relatives of delicacies
  • Followers of refined products

How to choose your basket ?

Choosing baskets can prove to be a fairly difficult task when you see the diversity of offers offered there. This is why the customizable model is undoubtedly the best option for S’adapt properly.

The gourmet basket already made

Available in supermarkets or on sites specializing in Christmas gifts, gourmet baskets are already legion and allow you not to have their heads to make your baskets. You only have to look at the composition of the latter to see S’It interests you and corresponds to the tastes of the person to whom he is dedicated as a Christmas gift.

The customizable gourmet basket

This offer gives the advantage of adding a personal touch to gourmet baskets to adapt it to the person who will receive this gift. If your partner loves terrines, you can compose this gift with only terrines of all kinds without having to add products that you do not consider it necessary.

What a budget for a beautiful gourmet basket ?

The price of gourmet baskets depends above all on what you put there.

A first prize basket

If you choose a fairly economical format that is limited to some handicraft products without taking luxury products, the price will not be very expensive. As part of a small gourmet basket of this type, it takes around 20 €. To give an example, this type of gourmet basket can include a pork terrine (100 g), a Gascogne terrine with prunes (65 g), chicken terrine (65 g) and finally a harmony of duck liver and smoked duck For the modest sum of 17 €.

A medium range basket

If you want to put a little more money to have a little more quality products to discover essential flavors, You have to pay about 30 and 40 €. In these kinds of baskets, you will have a few more products than for a first price basket with a slightly upscale food.

A high -end basket

Finally, high -end baskets do not really have a limit in terms of price and start from around sixty euros. Prices can climb up to a few hundred euros for baskets fairly generous in quality and quantity. You will always find quality wines to support all the food products arranged there and craft products quite recognized worldwide.