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How to choose your table knives ?

In the kitchen and at the table, the knife holds an important place. Indeed, it is’is a particular kitchen utensil, in the sense that for each use there is a different knife: meat knife, vegetable knife, fish knife, fruit knife or bread knife… How to choosing the right table knives when’we have guests ?

Which knife for which use ?

Christmas parties, birthdays, formal meals, business receptions: set the table and everything anar and your credibility may be at stake. Indeed, there are different models of table knives. The basic knife exists in all shapes. It can be round-tipped, serrated with an integrated handle, etc.

A basic table knife, such as those from Deejo, is a knife that can be used for any purpose’used for most dishes although most are not sharp enough for meat or pizza.

C’This is why we find the steak knife which is similar in size to the basic knife, with a sharp, slightly longer, serrated blade. As for the pizza knife, it has a rather original shape’The alarm is quite short and rounded, smooth or Dante. Indeed, some pizza knives are very sharp and in this case it is not necessary to use them’It is not necessary to have a knife’use a serrated knife. The cheese knife exists in three forms the openwork cheese knife, with a wide blade, in the shape of a’fine.

It allows you to savor each cheese in the right way.

If you propose hands to spread, you will have to equip yourself with a’a butter knife or a’a spreader knife these are usually stainless steel knives to list. Finally, the corkscrew knife is essential for opening a bottle of wine. It has a Cooper part and a bottle opener.

The choice of the table knives is made according to the dishes and the guys that you will propose to your guests.

Which blade for your table knives ?

The table knives are mostly made of stainless steel, a material that can be used for a variety of purposes’also called stainless steel. C’is a solid metal that does not blacken. In fact, they are made of steel to which nickel or chrome is added.

L’Stainless steel is a perfect material to design knives since it is a very good material for the kitchen’it has a’a good cutting edge without damaging the earthenware or porcelain plates. It is easy to maintain, dishwasher safe.

The second material used to receive knives is ceramic. C’is a material that’Ceramic is more fragile and more expensive and is used more in the kitchen to cut vegetables or certain meats. Ceramic is much more fragile and more expensive’steel.

L’The art of the table does not’Don’t improvise, it’This is why it is recommended that you find out about the life span of your knives before choosing one’put the price on it.

What are the essential table knives ?

The table knives essential to put on the table when entertaining guests are the basic knife, the meat knife, the fish knife, as well as the butter knife. By having these four knives for each guest, you will be sure that everyone will be able to eat all the dishes offered on the table without difficulty. When it comes to meat, it is advisable to know how to choose the right knife for your meat, but also the wines for a harmonious match.

If you want to keep the number of knives on the table to a minimum, choose basic knives and steak knives. A basic knife will allow you to eat most foods and a steak knife will be used as a backup for more difficult to cut dishes such as meat and puff pastry dishes.

What are the essential table knives ?

What is the budget to choose your table knives ?

The price’a table knife varies greatly. The quality of the knife depends on many criteria such as the design, the manufacturing, the materials used for the blade and the handle, the finishing… Moreover, a handmade knife will be of much better quality and will cost more than a handmade knife’an industrial knife. If you want to find an in-between, you will have to pay about two hundred euros for a set of six knives.