Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Plants against painful periods

Menstruation is a difficult time for women, in addition to the annoying side of this time of the month, it is not always easy to get rid of’It is not uncommon that’It is synonymous with strong pain. If you suffer during your period and you are looking for a solution to your problem, you should try this product’a new and natural solution to fight against this discomfort, discover the plants which relieve you.

The fennel to alleviate the premenstrual syndrome

Fennel is a rather neglected vegetable at the greengrocers, which doesn’t cost much and could improve your living conditions during your period. Fennel seeds and pregnancy’The essential oil extracted from this vegetable is indeed highly recommended to soothe menstrual pain.

Why is this solution recommended ? These components extracted from fennel contain fenchone, a resource that fights against spasms and contractions in the ovaries that make you suffer. However, as with any solution based on’Even if the method is natural, it is recommended not to abuse it, and specialists recommend not to prolong the treatment for more than 10 days, a period that corresponds to the time it takes for a woman to get her period’elsewhere more or less to the period of painful periods.

L’alchemilla, a plant to regulate heavy periods

In addition to the pain, women sometimes have problems with heavy periods, there again natural solutions exist. Thus the’Alchemilla will boost your natural production of progesterone secreted by the ovaries and placenta, a hormone involved in pregnancy. A too low level of this hormone increases the periodic symptoms: menstrual bleeding, bleeding of the skin, bleeding of the eyes, etc’mood, breast pain or stomach ache.

The plant will come as thickening the vaginal mucosa, it was of’Moreover, it was used a few decades ago to treat menstrual pain’years when the women wanted to simulate their virginity. To use this method during your menstrual cycles, you can apply it to the hollow of your wrist, in the form of an oil’Plant extract, a good week before the start of your period so that this tip is an impact on the premenstrual symptom.

L’essential oil of’Tarragon in massage on the stomach

When the period is here, it is not uncommon for the woman to have a period’It is not uncommon to suffer from stomach aches that nothing relieves. If a hot water bottle on the belly, a fetal position and a good hot chocolate can help, it is not enough’essential oil of’estragon can also be useful to you. Indeed, in local massage on the lower abdomen, this natural ingredient works miracles.

For the’To apply, mix 3/4 drops of this essential oil with water’neutral oil (coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc.)’It is a good idea to take a small amount of this ingredient (e.g. sweet almond) and massage the painful area with a small circle movement, either as an infusion or in the form of tablets. L’tarragon will come to play on the cramps felt during the periods and will relieve you quickly.

Lemon balm: the darling against painful periods

S’it does not’Although there is no miracle solution, it must be admitted that lemon balm brings real relief to women who live with painful periods. Indeed, this plant called “bee leaf” has soothing and sedative properties that will act directly on painful periods.

In addition, it is good to know that lemon balm also has a hormonal factor that will act on the premenstrual syndrome and the impact that it has on the menstrual cycle’It can have an impact on your daily life. Lemon balm can be consumed in the form of’infusion or in the form of tablets (food supplements).

Ginger during her period

Ginger, generally one likes or hates it. We all know the popular belief that this plant has aphrodisiac virtues, but did you know that studies have shown that ginger is also recommended to alleviate menstrual pain ? Indeed, this ingredient has anti-spasmodic virtues and can be taken a few days before the’The arrival of menstruation and the beginning of the cycle.