Wed. May 29th, 2024

Our tips for finding an on-call pharmacy at night

Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose when you get sick. Things would be much easier. Symptoms of illnesses usually appear at the worst possible time, in the middle of the night or on holidays and Sundays.

You need to find medication quickly to get well as soon as possible. Thanks to the on-call pharmacies, you can obtain medication during these off-peak hours, and thus prevent your situation from deteriorating. You will find in the rest of this article all you need to know about find a pharmacy open at night efficiently or during holidays, and therefore treat you as soon as possible.

How to find out which pharmacies are on call near you ?

There are many reasons to contact a pharmacy during closed hours. Whether it’s your baby’s fever, your symptoms worsening at night or an accident on Sunday afternoon, you need to call an on-call center as soon as possible.

How to find out which pharmacies are on call near you?

The first thing to do in this type of situation is of course to find a pharmacy that is open near you and to keep a close eye on the patient. It is important to understand that a pharmacy is open during the day at regular hours, but it may also be on call. That is, to be open outside of its usual hours, in order to ensure a continuous supply of medication in a given territory.

They are usually assigned on a rotating basis, or permanently assigned by the appropriate people.

The unions and representatives of the profession in each region manage the “on-call” systemorganization of the pharmacies. The distribution is done with the objective of covering the widest possible areas, so as not to leave any citizen in distress and isolation.

To make sure you find the center closest to you, we advise you to use the directories and the different sites provided for this purpose. There are, for example, a directory to find a pharmacy on call in Paris in a simplified and fast way. For most other regions, the appropriate site is, it gathers the different unions of the profession and references the different on-call centers in real time on a good part of France.

How to find a pharmacy open at night ?

Within the capital, you can go directly to the pharmacy once you have found it on the internet or by phone. However, if you are outside the Paris area, you will have to contact 32 37 or go to their website. The police will then give you the coordinates of the on-call center.

If your request is made between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., you will need to go to the police station with proof of identity and a valid prescription to access this information. It’s a good idea to have a good prescription ready first aid kit beforehand rather than calling on an on-call center. This will help you avoid this kind of painful and time-consuming process while your health is deteriorating.

In case the 3237 does not cover your geographical location, turn to the Official directories of the area closest to you. They will give you the necessary information to access the coordinates of a pharmacy on duty. Again, depending on the time of your request, you will be required to come to the police station before you can access the treatment.

We hope this article will be useful to you in case of emergency. If your situation does not require immediate intervention, you can wait until the nearest pharmacy reopens during business hours and get the medication you need to treat yourself.