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My American Market: discover the top products from the United States

You are passionate about everything related to the United States, but you do not have the opportunity to go there ? Thanks to the online store My American Market, find in a few clicks specialties from across the Atlantic. Sweet or savory treats, iconic drinks… let yourself be seduced by the selections offered by this brand.

My American Market website, presentation of the concept

During a trip to the United States, Anne-Claire, founder of My American Market, fell under the spell of American cuisine during a tasting, the “Ranch Dressing”, a salad dressing with a spicy taste, left her speechless.

Back in France, she became unable to do without American cooking. A dilemma ensued: should she wait for friends to bring her food that the’we eat that’in the United States ? Otherwise, where to order ? Subsequently, it has’asked if she was the only one disappointed by not being able to enjoy her favorite American foods.

It is with this in mind that she created My American Market in 2009. Its purpose ? Enjoying and sharing the best products with the whole of France on the other side of the Atlantic, such as pancakes. Challenge taken up, as indicated in my review of My American Market that I have already shared with you !

My American Market : the products available

At My American Market, you will find a wide range of products directly from the United States or Canada thanks to the’Canadian grocery store. Young and old gourmets alike will find pleasure in the store’s shelves. For breakfast, Aunt Jemima’s ready-to-eat pancakes, not to mention the’A selection of syrup and cereals are waiting for you.

For a quick and delicious lunch, choose the famous Mac and Cheese, an institution in America. And to liven up your salads, nothing like the famous Ranch dressing !

For the snack, peanut butter, Fluff, marshmallow-vanilla spread, boxes of Jell-O or miniature cotton candy will delight you. Visit the site: the delicious specialties from the other side of the Atlantic will seduce you.

Why I can’t live without My American Market ?

Launched in 2009, My American Market has been a growing success. For 11 years, it has been offering the possibility to get the best American food in a few clicks.

The lovers of good food will find their account among more than 100 varied products. Sodas, cereals, candies and more promise you many pleasures ! With this brand, find American products that can be delivered throughout France and Europe. And the gourmets living in the DOM-TOM are not left out.

Order and receive your purchases in record time. You’ll appreciate the fast delivery times for American candy and other products.

Products sold on My American Market

My American Market is the first American grocery store in France. The variety of its products makes it an essential reference. Overview of the items that make it famous.

The salty products that can’t be ignored

Your store delights you with a wide variety of ready-to-eat savory products. This is theideal for a meal on the go or if you don’t have time to cook. Indulge yourself with various brands of Mac and Cheese or Beef Stroganoff pasta.

You will also appreciate the beef jerky strips and other snacks such as Pringles or Cheetos chips to prepare an American aperitif.

my american market american aperitif

Popular American sweets

Sugar has a big place in the United States. That’s why My American Market honors the best of the best a large quantity of sweet products in its shelves. This is your chance to discover Jelly Belly Beans.

These small candies with multiple colors make melt young and old and which were known in particular through those with particular tastes in the saga Harry Potter.

You know the story of Willy Wonka ? Well, this original chocolate maker gave birth to Wonka candies. Fill up on sweets with surprising flavors.

The available drinks

Drinks from the other side of the Atlantic also await you at My American Market. You will find your usual products such as Coca-Cola, Fanta or Sprite sodas in various flavors.

You can also try Dr Pepper sodas. This American brand will surprise your palate with its refreshing drinks. Notes of caramel and vanilla will pleasantly awaken your taste buds.

Visit periodically the pages of My America Market to not miss any news and thus familiarize yourself with the top 5 American food to enjoy in France !