Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

How to cut your neck well ?

Dare the beard ! It’s trendy, it’s beautiful, it’s virile, we love ! But, alas, it is not always simple when we talk about cutting your beard. Each beard requires special attention and a special technique. Indeed, a 3 -day beard does not sculpt in the same way as a mustache or a goat.

It is thanks to precise and controlled gestures that a beard will be perfectly cut. The question that taps us today is: how to cut your beard on the neck ?

In order not to become an outlaw, here are some tips !

Where the beard must stop ?

Difficult to see it when it comes to our own fleece, but a few centimeters can transform a beard perfectly carved into a terribly neglected beard.

In order not to fall into the panel, you must follow the line. Be careful, not just any line: the demarcation line. This line gives you the limits not to be crossed so that your beard is always impeccable.

Indeed, if you cut your beard too close to your jaw, you risk the “double chin” effect. It is an optical illusion that will make your chin larger than it is actually. Conversely, if you do not cut it enough, you risk the “neglected” effect. Your unruly hairs will be clearly visible under your chin and there, goodbye the trendy look. So here are some tips to know how to cut your beard perfection !

How to cut your beard at the neck ?

Do not fall into the half-negligee half-branch look, it will not work. To have a perfect beard in all circumstances, it is essential to know the bases to cut your beard as it deserves it. For that, here are some simple steps to follow.

Know the limits of your beard.

Place yourself in front of a mirror, the right head and imagine that two lines go from the lowest point of your ears. These two lines meet just above your Adam apple. These imaginary lines are the limits of your beard.

All hair outside these lines must disappear.

If you need a more specific point, always take your Adam apple as a landmark. Place a finger above her. This demarcation gives you the natural limits of your beard.

Draw the contours of his beard.

Lean your head back and place a finger above your Adam apple. This is your benchmark to draw the outline of your beard. This point traces the imaginary limit between the end of your beard and the beginning of your neck.

Use this limit as a demarcation line when you cut your beard.

Always follow the imaginary lines.

Another important benchmark is the line of your chin. By standing in front of a mirror, straight head, you have an imaginary line that is traced just under your chin. This complete line of Adam apple benchmark.

To shave yourself without difficulty, proceed as follows:

  • Equip yourself with a beard mower, a shavet shaver or a classic razor;
  • Always be sure to shave from top to bottom;
  • Then proceed from the middle to the outside. One side finished, come back to the middle and renew the experience for the other side;
  • Be careful to constantly stay below the imaginary line located between the chin and the Adam apple. By following these limits, you will get a beard outline that goes up slightly on the sides, it is never rounded.

Refine at the ears.

The lobes of your ears are your benchmarks for this step. A well -drawn beard must also be well cut in the ears. To do this, use your beard mower and draw a vertical line from the ear lobe.

This vertical line runs to the imaginary horizontal line located under your chin.

Regarding the form of this outline, you have several possibilities. You can draw a straight line giving an angular appearance to your face. Or, you can also opt for a more rounded outline.

It’s up to you to choose according to the style you want to give yourself.

Without forgetting the latest rebellious hairs.

Once your beard of the neck is perfectly cut, without any hair disturbing the party, do not forget to depilate the hair on your cheeks. Look at one last time to check that all the hairs located outside of our imaginary lines are well removed.

Some mowers have laser lines allowing you to easily follow the natural contours of your beard.

Finally, apply a moisturizing treatment on your shaved skin and a beard oil or balm on your hair to rehydrate and feed them in depth. Use a beard oil based on castor oil to grow a beard faster. Ricin oil has great benefits for the health of hairs and hair.